Signaturely is THE DocuSign alternative for people who want to keep it simple

Signaturely is free forever — and we’ll always keep it simple

DocuSign has so many bells and whistles…

You don’t know where to start. Even basic stuff gets overwhelming. Things take forever and you waste tons of time trying to do even the simplest things.

Signaturely makes signatures super simple

Instead of adding complexity to the process, we remove unnecessary steps. Signaturely gives you the right tools to get documents out fast and signatures in, faster.

What our clients say about us

If you like it easy, you’ll love

“Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.”
Charles F. Kettering
Product Manager at Facebook

Ever feel like technology
makes things harder?

You don’t want to keep using paper to get documents
signed. But choosing the wrong software ends up hurting
your process more than it helps.
DocuSign customers:

Spend more time fussing with the tool than getting work done

It’s convoluted and messy. Pass on DocuSign. It’s incredibly hard to use now.
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DocuSign customers:

Need to start all over again when they make a minor mistake

Sometimes I would have to create a whole new document and void the original one just for a slight correction.
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DocuSign customers:

Have to revert back to paper when the tool fails them

Sometimes [people] still print things out and sign them when I send envelopes through DocuSign.
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People who use DocuSign say it’s
“not user-friendly”

Signaturely makes signing
easy and fun
The best alternative to DocuSign

No point in replacing a tedious, paper process with a tedious, non-paper
process. Signaturely replaces paper and makes the whole process
simple for you and your signers.

Prepare a document

Upload a file or pick a template. Point and click where you need someone to complete a field.

Send it

Add your signers and shoot them a quick message along with your document.

Get it signed

Signers get your email, click on a link and add their signature on the go, on any device.

Choose Signaturely over DocuSign

From way too hard to easy peasy

Replace clunky complexity for streamlined simplicity

DocuSign complicates documents
Working with so many tabs and options is confusing. Once you send or create a document it’s hard to edit them. It takes a while to set signing fields from multiple people.
Signaturely sticks to what you need
Is your document ready to be signed? No? Use a ready-made template. Yes? Great, we’ll stay out of the way. Just add your required fields and you are ready to go.
DocuSign puts others against you
Sharing templates with team members is not intuitive. People don’t understand what they need to do to sign. Angry customers decline your documents.
Signaturely makes them love you
All templates are accessible for your whole team — unless you choose not to. Signing is as easy as opening and email and drawing your signature.

Switch frustration for collaboration

Swap unsigned documents for done deals

DocuSign documents come back unsigned
Documents come back blank even when signers say they signed them. You have to manually double check all docs and often go back to signers for a do-over.
Signaturely gets you signatures every time
Signers can easily add their signatures in seconds. And we’ll never show a pending document as signed, so you can follow up when it makes sense.
Signaturely is the best DocuSign alternative

For entrepreneurs and businesses
looking to simplify their signing process

I like to spend hours editing documents before hitting send
I have big corporate clients that like to have everything on paper
I need fancy features to match my complex signing workflow
Signaturely might not be for you 🙁

If you like it easy, you’ll love

“Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.”
Charles F. Kettering
Product Manager at Facebook

Signaturely is the best DocuSign competitor

It’s not about adding features, but
removing complexity

Agreement Cloud
Contract Lifecycle Management
What does this mean?
Generate documents from inside Salesforce
Salesforce — blurgh!
How? Why?
Hybrid Cloud Appliances
Like a vacuum cleaner?
FDA Part 11 Module
Nobody knows what this is, DocuSign
A simple 1-2-3 process that gets your documents signed every time Nope
ready-to-use templates

45+ templates written
by legal experts

We got you covered with 45+ professional, and
ready-to-use templates, so you can start signing
with Signaturely right away!

There are must-have and
nice-to-have features

Discover which kind of features Signaturely is made of

Signaturely vs. DocuSign — head-to-head

Signaturely plans are made for SMBs

Free Plan
Push you to upgrade
Only allows you to sign, you can’t request signatures
All you need — included
Sign yourself and request up to 3 signatures per month
Paid Plans
Pay per contract
Once a single person has signed, that counts as one contract. Even if other signatures are pending.
Go unlimited
Our paid plans won’t limit how many contracts you want to send or signatures you can get.

Signaturely is free, forever

Send your first document for free, today.

The best DocuSign Alternative — head-to-head

Signaturely does the hard work for you


Available templates

Zero, Zilch, Nada.
45+ templates written and reviewed
by legal experts, ready for you to use.
Choose yours below.

More than 45 ready-to-use templates, across 10+ industries

Choose yours, customize and send.

Done-for-you migration

If you have more than 20 documents or 3 users in your team, we’ll set up your Signaturely account for you. Our team migrates and organizes your current document library to make the switch effortless.
Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you might be
asking before making the switch

Yes, they are. eSignatures are legally binding virtually everywhere in the world and across different industries. They hold up in court and can be used as evidence. Each eSignature records digital stamps (like an IP address) that make it easy to track back to each signee. Learn more about eSignatures here.
An eSignature provides the same legal standing as a handwritten signature as long as it adheres to the requirements of the specific regulation it was created under. Signaturely adheres to these international eSignature regulations.

Thanks! We want to learn more about you, too. Visit this page to discover how Signaturely works. If you’d like a more hands-on experience, you can always create an account here. It’s free for up to 3 signature requests per month and you can use most of our features. Learn why people consider us one of the top DocuSign competitors!

We have three plans which you can check out here. One is completely free and it’s going to stay free forever. You’ll have access to most of our features (except Teams and Custom Branding) and you can request up to 3 signatures per month. If you want to upgrade, you can choose our PRO plan at $8/user/month if paid annually, or the BUSINESS plan at $12/user/month if paid annually.

If you want to do a 1-by-1 document migration, you only need to create an account and start uploading your documents. If you currently need signatures for more than 20 documents or have 3 users in your team, get in touch with us here for a done-for-you migration.

Yes! Signaturely offers a done-for-you migration over from DocuSign. Fill in this form to see if you qualify.

A simple alternative to DocuSign

DocuSign pioneered eSignature but they’ve grown too big

We can’t deny that DocuSign is a very robust tool for eSignatures. They continue to innovate and add new layers to their suite of products.
And that’s exactly what makes DocuSign a bad fit for companies with simple workflows.
They might be great for big enterprises but smaller businesses find DocuSign outdated.

If you feel like your signing process needs to be simplified and you hate paying for features you never use,
give Signaturely a try and find out why we are the best free DocuSign alternative in the market.

If you like it easy, you’ll love

“Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down.”
Charles F. Kettering
Product Manager at Facebook

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