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Simple, and Legally-Binding Electronic Signatures

Signaturely is an electronic signature platform used for signing documents online. The process is simple: Just upload your documents and contracts, place the signature fields, and send your document off to be signed.

Looking for the simplest way to get online signatures?

Signaturely is the easiest way for you and your signees to collect legally-binding electronic signatures online. Simply select a contract, add electronic signature fields, set up the signing order, and send your document to get signed. Signaturely will help the recipient create their electronic signature, and guide them through the signing process. They can also use our electronic signature generator tool type or draw their digital signature.
If the process gets held up, Signaturely has a notification feature to gently remind users that their signature is needed and expedite the signing process.
Designed for a variety of user interfaces, Signaturely allows you and your signers to sign documents anywhere, from any device.

Upload and sign documents in minutes

Signaturely makes it easy to get online signatures. There’s no need to download any apps or install any software. Simply start your free 7-day trial and get your documents signed right now! You can upload all your PDF and Microsoft Word documents from your computer or transfer them from your cloud. Then, use Signaturely’s editor to set up your document, get it ready to sign, and if needed, add your own signature electronically. Finally, you can set up your signing order, write a customized message, and send your document to your signees. It’s as easy as that.

Access useful templates

Signaturely offers access to multiple time-saving templates written and reviewed by legal experts and proofreaders. Access these templates to quickly create professional contracts and documents. Find general templates for referral agreements and payments, or use advanced templates to create more complex documents. Then, simply customize your document and send it to get signed. With Signaturely’s templates, you can always generate the digital document you need, and set it up in mere minutes.

Get more signatures

Getting all the signatures you need is as easy as making the request. Track the status of your documents through your dashboard so you can stay informed. Once you send a document to get signed, Signaturely will guide your signers step by step telling them how to create an electronic signature and use it to sign all signature fields. In case of any delays, you can send instant notifications to remind signers that their signature is still expected, helping you get your documents signed as quickly as possible.

Legally binding signatures

Signaturely complies with over 60 international laws to ensure you’re collecting a legally-binding electronic signature. Once the document is sent, it is locked to prevent any changes from being made. The platform then records a timestamp at the time the e-signature is added to prove ownership and intent. You can access a detailed audit trail to confirm the validity of your documents, making it practically impossible for them to become lost, modified, or destroyed. Signaturely allows you and your signers to move away from handwritten signatures and sign documents regardless of location or which device is being used.

Electronic signatures

Signaturely helps reduce your costs in multiple ways. Save money and paper by switching to a simple paperless solution, and seamlessly collaborate with others online. Signaturely simplifies interaction with your customers around the world, allowing you to expand your clientele, hire remote workers, and improve the speed at which all your documents get signed. If you want to start signing documents in a greener, faster, and more effective way, Signaturely is the way to go.

Start your free 7-day trial and get your documents signed right now!

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FAQs on Electronic Signature Solutions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about electronic signatures:

Digital signatures are the electronic form of handwritten signatures and are a way for users to sign documents online. These signatures allow users to sign documents digitally from anywhere. The process involves requesting signatures from other users and receiving signed contracts and documents.

Digital signatures also make it simple to keep track of documents and easily access an audit trail to prove the validity of contracts

Electronic signature software is designed to cover all online document signing needs. These programs allow users to create their own signatures, edit online documents, request signatures, and manage their existing documents.

E-signature tools allow users to collect and consolidate multiple documents and document formats into a single place. From there, documents can easily be  edited and sent out to be signed. These tools often feature special document workflows to establish the order in which multiple people should sign the same document. They’ll also save all signed documents and send signature requests, among other features.

Electronic signatures are legally binding in many countries, including in the United States. E-signature platforms record a digital timestamp for each signature. This timestamp is used to prove ownership of the electronic signature, making it legally binding.

Thanks to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (a.k.a. E-Sign Act), electronic signatures are completely legal and binding, and can even be used in court. You can find out if electronic signatures are legally binding in your country here.

Yes. Since they rely on public and private keys, digital signatures are protected by powerful algorithms that make them very secure. Unlike wet signatures, which can easily be forged, digital signatures are protected by multiple layers of encryption, and can be more reliable and easier to prove than traditional signatures.

Documents can be locked upon receiving the first signature or upon being sent as part of a signature request. This makes the electronic document impossible to modify.