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Signaturely API

Save Time And Money With Signaturely’s API

Signaturely’s API can help you connect your online signing process to your favorite tools.
Why Signaturely

Why using the Signaturely API?

Signaturely’s API allows you to integrate Signaturely to multiple other platforms. With it, you can share multiple agreements, certificates, and other documents directly from where you’re creating them.
This allows you to expedite the process, and minimize the need to go back and forth between platforms to create a contract, sign it, share it, and start fulfilling it.
You may use the API to integrate Signaturely to the platform where you create documents, to help collect signatures, or even to kickstart a project automatically after getting approval.

Our API Features

Here are some of the ways you can use Signaturely’s API:

Automated Signature Requests

With our API, you can send automated signature requests through your CRM or messaging platform, so you can immediately get started on your signing process.
The number of signature requests that the you can send from your account will depend on your plan.


With our API, you can access Signaturely’s template collection. These templates have been reviewed by proofreaders and legal experts and make it easy to collect legally binding signatures.
With them, you can immediately create a document and collect a signature without worrying too much about getting your wording right in a whole document.

OAuth Platinum and Titanium Only

OAuth is an open standard for access delegation, commonly used for internet users to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites.

Embedded Signing Platinum and Titanium Only

Use the API to embed signature requests directly on your documents, wherever they’re hosted, and collect online signatures from online forms.
With it, you can share signature requests directly from the website without even opening the platform.
Zapier integration

The sky's the limit

Can’t find the API feature you are looking for? No worries, Zapier is also available, and you can connect Signaturely with pretty much anything.
  • Zapier is a no-code alternative that allows you to easily automate Signaturely without the need for an API.
  • Use Zapier to integrate Signaturely with practically any other web app you’re using by establishing triggers and actions. Simply define what needs to happen (trigger) for something else to happen (action).
  • Zapier then monitors your trigger and automates simple processes, helping you use Signaturely with all your platforms and saving you a lot of time in the process.

We have multiple plans for multiple needs. Which one fits yours?



Made for small businesses, the Gold plan grants you limited options that will allow your business to automate basic tasks.



Made for companies; the Platinum plan includes everything in the Gold plan, plus some added advanced features.



Made for enterprises, the Titanium plan allows users full access to our API.
Ready to start?

Sign up and try the API for free to see if it fits your needs.

Need help setting it up? Go to Documentation to learn more about our API and how to get started.

Use cases

Take a look at how Signaturely’s API is helping users across the world with their online signing needs:

Send documents from a form instantly

No more opening another tab to send signature requests, just send documents from a form, and immediately get started on your signing process.

Waiver signatures

Instead of delay the process of getting a signature, allow users to sign liability waivers online to quickly and easily collect signatures on release of liability forms. This will save you precious time and will minimize any help needed from your side.

Sign a contract when signing/buying a product

Don’t ask users to jump to another platform just as they’re about to make a purchase. Use the API to integrate the signing process into the purchasing process, allowing users to sign just as they’re about to convert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to commonly-asked questions about our API:

No, the API is not included in the regular plans. The API has its own set of plans with its own limits.
Yes, you can test the API for free, and you don’t need to pay until you need to request a signature.
The API Documentation can be found here: docs.signaturely.com