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Online Signature Generator

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An online signature generator/maker is a tool that helps you create an online signature. eSignatures are a fast and easy way to sign contracts and legal documents.

Draw your signature

Go artistic. Use your mouse or trackpad to make a statement.

Type your signature

So many choices. Type your name and choose the font that best matches your personality.

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What does your signature
say about you?

Even though there’s no formal science around signature analysis, we can confidently say that your signature and handwriting is a statement of your personality. After all, no one in the world has the same signature as yours.

Let’s see what your signature might say about you by analyzing different traits and taking a look at the signatures (and calligraphy styles) of some of the most successful business men and women in history.

Your personality based on signature traits

Unreadable Letters Signature

Unreadable letters

Clever, mental agility
Easy to read signature

Easy to read

Transparent personality
Clear first name, unreadable last name signature

Clear first name, unreadable last name

Signature with underline

With underline

Proud and vain
Signature that ends with a flick

Ends with a flick

Energetic, a go-getter
Upward angle signature

Upward angle

Ambitious and optimist
Downward angle signature

Downward angle

Avoids risks, pessimist
Slanted signature


Extrovert and friendly
Nickname signature

Just a nickname

Initials only signature

Initials only

Mysterious aura
Bold capitals signature

Bold capitals

No last name signature

No last name

Relaxed, friendly
Large letters signature

Large letters

Likes to be the center of attention
Embellished letters signature

Embellished letters

Embellished letters

The signatures of successful
business people

Draw your signature and find who’s your closest match.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs
Ambitious and always focused on the future. His signature shows strong vision.
Steve jobs signature
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey
Harpo Productions
Self-confident. Has a sharp mind and a strong voice that loves public debate
Oprah Winfrey signature
Richard Branson
Richard Branson
Virgin Group
Someone that knows how to stay calm and won’t cave under pressure. Logical, pragmatic mind.
Richard Branson signature
William Hewlett
William Hewlett
The missing dot on the ‘i’ shows a focus on the broader picture instead of the smaller details.
William Hewlett signature
David Packard
David Packard
Optimistic and self-confident, with healthy ego strengths and a strong character.
David Packard signature
Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak

Quirky and independent. Likes to keep things casual and friendly.

Steve Wozniak signature
Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos
Values moments of introspection and “me-time”. A true believer that always shoots for the stars.
Jeff Bezoss signature
Mary Barra
Mary Barra
General Motors
Appreciates having their own space and not being pushed by others. Shows depth of character.
Mary Barra signature
Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban
Dallas Mavericks
Proud of their own achievements. Someone that will always push forward, never feeling defeated.
Mark Cuban signature
Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran
The Corcoran Group
An illegible signature suggests a person that wants to remain private and protective of the ones closest to them.
Barbara Corcoran signature
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

Values moments of introspection and “me-time”. A true believer that always shoots for the stars.

Mark Zuckerberg signature
Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway

Appreciates having their own space and not being pushed by others. Shows depth of character.

Warren Buffett signature
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
A determined character with both feet on the ground. Modest and balanced, even in a position of power.
Bill Gates signature

Ready to create your online signature?

Draw your signature

Go artistic. Use your mouse or trackpad to make a statement.

Type your signature

So many choices. Type your name and choose the font that best matches your personality.
Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions around eSignatures

A signature generator (or signature maker/signature creator) is an online tool you can use to create an online signature to sign documents. You can draw or type your signature, customize it to make it unique, and download it to sign digital documents.

Absolutely not. Any signature created on this page through our signature generator is not saved on our servers. We won’t save a record of your signature (or document) or share it with others.

eSignatures are perfectly legal across the world and different industries. Although they’re created through an online signature generator, they work just as “wet ink” signatures on paper and can be used in court and legal processes. Learn more about eSignatures here.

Yes, you can. Sign as many documents as you need and your signature will be legally binding. You can use your downloaded signature to sign your own documents or documents you are requested to sign by others. Use our signature generator to sign any kind of document such as contracts, forms, proposals, Word documents, PDFs and more. It’s easier than ever to add a signature to any kind of document.

eSignatures work the same as handwritten signatures on paper. They have the same legal validity and format as a regular signature as well. You can use eSignatures to sign documents on the web from businesses all over the world, without printing a single sheet of paper. All you have to do is to use the signature generator and create your eSignature with the tool.

No need to keep a paper record if you are using a signature maker software like Signaturely as a way to save and track your documents. Signaturely automates digital records for your documents, which you can use for legal and compliance issues. If you use our tool you don’t even have to use your email client (such as Gmail or Outlook) anymore to send out any signature requests. This can be all done within a tool like Signaturely.

If you haven’t yet developed your own signature, start by deciding what you want your signature to convey and let your creativity flow. If you already have an established signature and are signing a physical document, it’s important that your signature remains consistent with your ID and other important documents. It also makes sense for your signature to resemble your name when signing paper documents. This is because handwritten signatures don’t include the verification features of an electronic signature, such as public and private keys. Electronic signatures aren’t just easy to make; their enhanced security also allows for more flexibility when it comes to the look of your signature.
You can transform your written signature into an image with a scanner or a scanner app for your smartphone. Start by writing your signature on a blank piece of paper and scanning it. You can make the signature image crisper by boosting brightness and contrast. This will make the background a solid white and your signature more defined.

You can add a virtual signature to digital documents by adding signature fields. These fields allow your document to capture a digital signature, usually recording relevant information (like the date, device, location, etc.) and locking the document to prevent further changes.

Once you have a document with signature fields, you can add your virtual signature to it or send it to other users to their virtual signatures.

Creating your electronic signature is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Signaturely’s free Online Signature Generator.
  2. Select between typing or drawing your signature.
  3. Customize your font, lines, and colors.
  4. Save your signature for future use.

You can create a digital signature by scanning your written signature, thereby converting it into an image. You can also use solutions like Signaturely’s free Online Signature Generator/Creator. There, you can draw or type a digital signature and personalize it to suit your taste.

A signature is a unique and distinctive way to record a person’s agreement to a contract, letter, or other documents. Although signatures usually resemble the individual’s name, they can be any mark or sign—as long as there’s a way to certify that the signature belongs to the signee.

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