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What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signatures are simply signatures in electronic form as opposed to handwritten ones.
They are a perfectly legal way to consent or approve the contents of a document. eSignatures are replacing manual signing and can be used to sign virtually any document across industries, everywhere in the world.

Replacing old-school signatures with modern, paperless signing

Join millions of professionals and business owners that have replaced manual paper signing for the speed and security of eSignatures.

Why are eSignatures a great

Legally binding

Supported by international laws in more than 60 countries.
Legally recognized in the US and Canada since 1999


Documents can be signed on your computer or phone, in seconds.
80% – average reduction in turnaround time

Replaces paper

No more printing, signing, scanning and sending documents back.
$20 – average savings per document
eSignature adoption is rapidly increasing

These countries consider eSignatures
as valid as handwritten ones:

List of countries:

Thinking your stakeholders won’t adopt eSignatures?

Even though eSignatures are widely considered to be legally binding, big corporations and government agencies are moving slower towards adopting them.
Get in touch with us to discover if eSignatures are the right fit for your business.