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Non-Compete Agreement

A contract between two parties in which one party agrees to not take certain actions that could compete against the other party. Includes specific non-compete clauses.

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Book-keeping Contract Agreement

This template details services provided, payment schedule, deliverables and other details around services performed on behalf of a business. Can be used by an independent accountant, bookkeeper, or agency.

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Rental Agreement

A basic rental agreement is a legal contract designed to protect both landlords and tenants. It specifies the terms, scope and limitations of the rental agreement.

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Agency Agreement

This template is used by one company to assign an agency or individual to carry out certain tasks on their behalf, like marketing a good or service.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

This agreement protects confidential information between two parties, the Disclosing Party and the Receiving Party. It’s a simple template with specific language to sign and NDA.

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What's the anatomy of a
contract agreement?

While the topic of contract law can quickly get complicated with
legal jargon, the structure of a contract agreement comes down to
four essential elements:


An offer is when a party promises a specific action or nonaction in the future to another party.


Consideration is the value exchanged by each party when entering an agreement.


Acceptance is the unmistakable agreement to the terms of the offer.


Mutuality is the expectation that the promises exchanged by each party are either upheld or rejected by all parties.

What's a contract template?

A contract agreement template is a pre-written document with the terms and conditions laid out by one party to another.
Think of a contract template like a blank form for all parties to read, understand, and complete in agreement.

Five reasons you need to be using contract templates

Whether you’re a large scale company, a non-profit, or a one-person show, having agreement samples ready to go will undoubtedly make your life easier. Below are five benefits of using contract agreement templates in your practice.


Contract templates are best for situations where you’re likely to make the same agreement over-and-over again. Having a document in place means you don’t have to recreate your contract each time.
If either party requests to make some minor changes, you have a working foundation you can edit for the specific situation.


If you’re relying on handshakes, verbal agreements, emails, or instant messaging to form contracts, you’re leaving your organization vulnerable to parties to take advantage of you.
Failing to capture important terms and conditions in your dealings increases your chances of ending in a dispute, losing money, or tarnishing your reputation.
Mitigate this risk by having simple contract agreements reviewed by legal experts to give you peace of mind that you won’t be compromised.


Sending a well-designed contract template to prospective stakeholders screams, “this person means business, and I must take them seriously!”
This doesn’t mean you come across as overly formal, too serious, or untrusting. The purpose of the contract is to exchange value in the form of consideration. Your template is an opportunity to show other parties that you’ve thought about their interests in addition to your own.


The often-overlooked benefit of contract agreements is the clarity and accountability it provides for all parties. Disputes are formed because trust is broken, or expectations were mismanaged.
Not only does a contract agreement limit these variables, but it also acts as a standard for performance, thus getting better results for everyone involved.


Having contract samples across your organization enables your business to scale internal and external processes.
When you have established compliant contract templates, you can leverage your team, clients, partners to give you feedback on how you can refine your documents for future dealings.
Another benefit is having all of your templates reviewed by your legal team periodically, saving you time and headache in the long run.
Lastly, having centralized contract documents in your organization is a constant reference point. Even if people join or leave your team—your templates will continue providing on-going consistency.

Reduce guesswork and speed
up your signing process

When you need to sign the same document over and over, templates are your best friend. Fields are auto-completed for you and repeat signers. You’ll never have to manually prepare documents again.
Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you might be
asking before making the switch

If what you’re trying to do warrants a formal agreement with other parties, then it’s best to have a written up contract with the help of legal services. At a minimum, you should use a contract template that’s created specifically for your situation.
Legally, there are no rules as to who signs the contract first, as long as all parties agree to the terms. So only sign when you’re willing to accept the promises in the agreement.

Having a contract template makes this easy as it’s a document you use repeatedly—therefore, surprises are limited.
Yes, our templates come in an editable Word document so you can make customizations as you see fit. Keep in mind that our templates are created with the aid of legal experts, so you may need to consult a lawyer if you’re seeking to make drastic changes.
A contract is usually considered void in the following scenarios:

  1. A party breaches the terms of the contract
  2. The agreement goes against public policy
  3. Consideration by a party is not given
  4. The contract depends on an impossible event
  5. There’s a material mistake in the conditions of the contract
  6. One or more parties didn’t have the capacity to enter the contract
  7. A false representation of facts have been committed
Yes! They are 100% free and you can download a Word and/or PDF copy of your selected contract agreement template. No payment required.

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When you need to sign the same document over and over, templates are your best friend. Fields are auto-completed for you and repeat signers. You’ll never have to manually prepare documents again.