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Digital signature solutions

15 Best Digital Signature Solutions for Your Business

Will Cannon

Last updated on February 28, 2024

Transitioning from ink-and-paper to digital transactions provides tremendous efficiency gains for modern organizations. But with countless electronic signature (eSignature) solutions now available, identifying the best electronic signature software can prove challenging. This comprehensive guide evaluates 15 top contenders on features, use cases, and more to simplify your search.

15 Best Digital Signature Solutions for Your Business

Digital signature or electronic signature software streamlines the signing process and ensures that your documents are legally binding and secure. Whether you’re a solopreneur, a small business, or a large enterprise, finding the right eSignature solution can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and reduce turnaround times for critical agreements.

To aid you in this quest, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the 15 best electronic signature software, each tailored to meet various business needs. Each entry delves into key features, pricing, and the platform’s unique strengths, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

1. Signaturely 

Signaturely is a simple and effective document signing tool made to help you upload documents and collect electronic signatures from any device.

Signaturely is an intuitive yet powerful e-signature solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Its simple document uploading, custom field addition, and multi-signer support make collecting legally binding digital signatures efficient.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Easy drag-and-drop document uploading
  • Addition of signature, date, text, and checkbox fields
  • Collection of different types of signatures from unlimited recipients
  • Secured audit trail for tracking document activity

Best For: Small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits seeking an affordable, secure, and flexible solution.

Pricing: Signaturely offers a Personal plan starting at $16 per month and a Business plan starting at $32 per month. The platform offers a free trial of the Business plan, with unlimited electronic signature requests for a week. 

Why It’s Great

Users consistently praise Signaturely for its simplicity, affordability, and effectiveness. The platform makes signing a document online seamless with its intuitive interface, helpful implementation options, and valuable features. Users can easily upload documents, add custom fields, and collect legally binding electronic signatures without headaches. For its low price point, Signaturely packs an impressive punch.

Areas for Improvement

At Signaturely, we aim to provide an excellent eSignature solution that fully suits user needs through continuous improvements. Frankly, identifying weaknesses is difficult since we believe we built an intuitive, robust platform positioned for ongoing upgrades. 

Realistically, no one tool fits every situation despite our accommodating goals. As unique requirements persist, we stay dedicated to expanding capabilities so more users can benefit through flexible plans adapting to business growth. We appreciate and encourage the efforts of everyone in the industry striving to develop electronic signature apps that optimize document management.

2. SignWell

SignWell is a cloud-based electronic signature solution that caters to various services such as legal, education, HR, sales automation, IT, and more

SignWell stands out as a beacon of efficiency and affordability in the digital signature solution market, especially for small and mid-sized organizations. It blends a comprehensive suite of features with an uncomplicated user interface, ensuring that even those new to digital signatures can easily navigate its platform. This balance of simplicity and capability makes SignWell an attractive choice for organizations keen on streamlining their document workflows without incurring high costs.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop uploading and sending
  • Customizable fields for collecting info
  • Legally-binding signature collection
  • Role-based permissions

Best For: Small to medium-sized businesses or individuals needing a budget-friendly solution.

Pricing: SignWell offers a free plan, a Personal plan starting at $8 per month, and a Business plan starting at $24 per month, with discounts for purchasing a full year. 

Why It’s Great

Users praise SignWell’s intuitive interface, reasonable pricing, and reliable core performance. Organizations can seamlessly manage document signing workflows without the headaches. The platform makes adding custom fields and collecting signatures easy and secure. For its affordability, SignWell delivers on ease of use and effectiveness.

Areas for Improvement

While SignWell hits the mark on usability and price, some users have noted its lack of enterprise-level scalability compared to leading competitors—additionally, specific capabilities like mobile optimization and robust analytics trail some alternative featured-packed solutions. So, organizations needing advanced configurations may want more customization, storage, and controls. However, for most small- to medium-sized business uses, SignWell provides extreme value.

3. PandaDoc


PandaDoc brings serious e-signature capabilities to organizations needing extensive workflows. Robust document creation, tracking, and designing make contract management seamless and collaborative.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Auto-reminders and notifications
  • End-to-end audit logs
  • Custom branding and workflows
  • Deep integrations and API

Best For: Growing sales teams needing a feature-rich solution.

Pricing: PandaDoc offers three pricing plans, including Essentials starting at $19 per user per month, Business at $49 per user per month, and Enterprise with custom pricing. 

Why It’s Great

Users praise PandaDoc for its powerful document creation and management capabilities. The platform makes building customized documents easy, automating contract workflows, and tracking activity with audit logs. PandaDoc also allows extensive branding, configurations, and third-party app integrations suited for more complex business processes.

Areas for Improvement

Some users have noted that PandaDoc’s responsive mobile experience lags competitors. Additionally, its broad feature set can seem overwhelming for simple use cases. Businesses should compare their robust plans to other solutions to ensure the best fit. But for document-intensive organizations needing customization, PandaDoc is a leader.

4. DocuSign


DocuSign stands at the forefront of the eSignature industry, offering powerful and versatile solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. Renowned for its strong security measures, stringent compliance standards, and extensive customization options, DocuSign transforms document workflows into streamlined, efficient processes.

Catering to companies of all sizes, from fast-scaling startups to large enterprises, DocuSign ensures that every document signed is legally binding and adheres to the highest levels of data protection and privacy. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, robust API integrations, and a suite of compliance certifications position DocuSign as the go-to platform for organizations prioritizing security, customization, and efficiency in their digital transactions.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Custom branding
  • Advanced workflows
  • Robust API and integrations
  • Compliance certifications

Best for: Fast-scaling companies and large enterprises needing a secure, customizable solution.

Pricing: DocuSign’s plans start at $10 per month at the Personal plan level and $40 per user per month for the Business Pro plan. 

Why It’s Great

As a longtime industry leader, DocuSign is praised for its effective core performance and security measures vital for complex business workflows. Users can easily build, send, sign, and manage documents with custom fields and branding. DocuSign brings reliability, customization, and compliance capabilities to fast-growing and regulated organizations.

Areas for Improvement

While some users find DocuSign powerful, its extensive features can prove overwhelming for basic needs. And its strong compliance focus reduces flexibility in some cases. Businesses should compare its robust plans against lower-priced, easier-to-use competitors like Signaturely to ensure the best match. But for advanced use cases, DocuSign leads the pack.

5. Dropbox Sign (Formerly HelloSign)


Dropbox Sign brings efficient eSignatures seamlessly into the Dropbox workflow. The HelloSign acquisition expanded Dropbox’s document capabilities with easy uploading, signing, and tracking. Moreover, Dropbox Sign’s consistent updates and feature additions demonstrate a commitment to evolving with user needs and industry trends, ensuring its offerings remain relevant and practical. Its intuitive design, coupled with Dropbox’s robust security measures, offers a trusted and streamlined solution for managing digital documents and signatures within a familiar ecosystem.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop sending
  • Auto field-population
  • In-platform notifications
  • Deep Dropbox integration

Best For: Individuals and teams already using Dropbox that want basic electronic signature capacities.

Pricing: Dropbox Sign offers four pricing plans, including a Plus plan, starting at $9.99 per month for one user and up to 2 TB of storage. 

Why It’s Great

Users praise Dropbox Sign for simplifying workflows, especially for those already acclimated to Dropbox. Its affordable plans make basic eSignatures and integrations accessible for solopreneurs, small teams, and organizations with light usage. For those needing to keep things simple, Dropbox Sign delivers.

Areas for Improvement

While Dropbox Sign offers convenience, some users want more advanced customizations for complex eSignature workflows. And its pricing model limits some features to higher-tier plans. Businesses should compare plans to competitors if needing more controls. But for basic legal digitization, Dropbox Sign provides a seamless experience.

6. SignNow


SignNow brings efficient, secure eSignatures to businesses of all sizes. Its plans scale from small teams to large enterprises needing optimized workflows. SignNow’s comprehensive audit trails and compliance certifications make it a reliable choice for organizations prioritizing legal adherence and data security. 

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Automated reminders
  • Permission management
  • APIs and integration
  • Advanced custom branding

Best For: Growing businesses and large enterprises needing scalable solutions.

Pricing: SignNow offers four plans, including a Business plan for the essentials at $8 per user per month and an Enterprise plan at $30 per user per month. 

Why It’s Great

SignNow earns praise for its straightforward workflows that quickly adapt based on business needs. The platform allows extensive configuration from permissions to branding to workflows. Users can securely manage documents, automated processes, and analytics under one umbrella. For configurable, optimized usability, SignNow delivers.

Areas for Improvement

Some users have noted that SignNow’s responsive mobile experience falls slightly behind competitors. In addition, the template setup process could be easier to use. And its advanced plans may prove too robust for simple applications. Businesses should compare their enterprise-level customization against more affordable competitors to ensure fit. But for growing companies, SignNow empowers optimization.

7. pdfFiller


pdfFiller simplifies PDF management and editing for organizations needing extensive document handling. The platform optimizes workflows with converter tools, analytics, and legal eSignatures. Its extensive library of forms and templates streamlines the creation and customization of documents, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in the signature process. The platform’s emphasis on security and compliance ensures that every document processed meets the highest data protection standards.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Cloud storage and collaboration
  • PDF to Word conversion
  • eSignature workflows
  • Usage analytics

Best For: Medium to large businesses needing to manage high PDF signing volumes.

Pricing: pdfFiller offers two simple pricing plans: Basic for Enterprise at $96 per user per year and Premium for Enterprise at $180 per user per year. 

Why It’s Great

pdfFiller makes working with PDFs efficient for document-driven organizations. Users praise its handling of large PDF volumes with cloud collaboration, batch editing capabilities, integrated eSignatures, and deep analytics. For regulated industries working cross-platform, pdfFiller brings much-needed optimization.

Areas for Improvement

Some users find pdfFiller’s deep feature set interface overwhelming and better suited for technical users. The customer support turnaround time is also not ideal. Additionally, its pricing may work best for medium or large organizations versus individuals. 

8. Nitro


Nitro Sign is a powerhouse in the realm of digital signatures, offering robust, secure, and scalable solutions particularly tailored for companies operating in highly regulated industries. It stands out with its comprehensive features including end-to-end encryption, versatile APIs, and deep analytics.

Nitro Sign excels in handling complex document processes, allowing for extensive customization and seamless integration with popular productivity apps, making it an ideal choice for sectors like financial services and healthcare that demand stringent compliance and high-level security in their eSignature solutions. With its commitment to optimizing and securing document workflows, Nitro Sign sets the standard for reliability and efficiency in the electronic signature space.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • APIs and integrations with popular productivity apps
  • Workflow customization
  • Usage analytics

Best For: Highly regulated industries like financial services needing optimized, compliant eSignatures.

Pricing: For under 20 users, Nitro Sign offers Nitro Pro at $14.99 per user per month; for more than 20 users, the platform provides Nitro Pro at a 50% volume discount and Nitro Pro Business at $14.99 per user per month. 

Why It’s Great

Nitro Sign earns praise for seamlessly handling high document volumes with compliance and security. The optimized platform allows extensive configuration for complex industry-specific regulations and cross-platform workflows. With responsive support and infrastructure scaling, Nitro Sign optimizes intricate processes.

Areas for Improvement

While Nitro offers ease of use in complex workflows, some users have pointed out that the desktop interface could be improved. Nitro Sign could also stand to enhance its formatting in signature requests. Based on user reviews, Nitro offers a relatively straightforward experience with slight improvements that could be made to workflows. 

9. Signeasy

Signeasy Homepage

Signeasy is a beacon of efficiency, offering simplified document workflows and accessible, affordable eSignature solutions. It’s designed for businesses seeking to streamline their digital transactions without the complexity or high costs often associated with such platforms. With its focus on multi-platform accessibility and automation, Signeasy ensures that managing documents and obtaining legally binding signatures can be a straightforward and hassle-free process

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based access
  • Document workflow automation
  • Multi-platform signing
  • Affordable plans

Best For: Small and medium-sized businesses needing a user-friendly, value-driven solution.

Pricing: With a 100-day money-back guarantee, Signeasy offers three plans ranging from $20 to $50 per user per month, billed annually.

Why It’s Great

Signeasy earns consistent praise for its convenient document workflows and reasonable pricing. By automating manual processes, businesses speed up digital transactions via any device. The cloud-based access also allows remote signing without logins or downloads. For affordable optimization, Signeasy delivers intuitive usability.

Areas for Improvement

While Signeasy meets core needs, some users who want advanced customizations have found its features less robust than enterprise competitors. And occasional bugs can disrupt workflows. So, highly regulated industries may require more sophisticated solutions. But for most basic signing needs, Signeasy provides extreme accessibility and value.

10. Odoo Sign


Odoo Sign allows organizations to elevate contracts with trusted eSignature workflows integrated across Odoo’s business management apps for seamless end-to-end experiences. The built-in capacities simplify document transfers between systems while ensuring legal validity and compliance. Integrating with Odoo’s business management platform creates an end-to-end solution for users and organizations using the Odoo suite. 

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Native Odoo integration
  • Multi-factor authentification
  • Automated reminders
  • Document tracking

Best For: Current Odoo customers seeking integrated eSignature capacities.

Pricing: Users can choose to use only the Odoo Sign app for free (without access to other Odoo apps) or buy the Standard suite of apps at $24.90, which includes Odoo Sign.

Why It’s Great

As an integrated part of the broader Odoo business management suite, Sign brings the advantages of unified data flows across apps, enabling streamlined workflows, security meeting compliance mandates, and intuitively designed features easing transitions to paperless systems – together positioning seamless efficiencies while ensuring credibility through legal validity.

Areas for Improvement

While Odoo offers extensive customization capabilities that enable tailored experiences, some users find the out-of-the-box interface and overall UX unintuitive without customization. Additionally, complexity from heavy configuration burdens those seeking simplicity, including occasional performance lagging.

11. GetAccept


GetAccept stands as a dynamic and innovative platform tailor-made for growing businesses that demand efficient, customizable eSignature solutions. It excels in providing a secure, compliance-focused environment for digital transactions, making it a trusted partner for companies scaling their operations. The platform’s scalable pricing model and robust suite of features, including guided signing workflows, comprehensive compliance tools, and custom branding options, ensure that businesses can meet their current demands and adapt seamlessly to future growth. GetAccept’s approach to eSignatures combines flexibility with functionality, offering high-growth startups and mid-market businesses a solution that evolves alongside them.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Guided signing workflows
  • Compliance tools
  • Custom branding
  • Advanced collaboration tools

Best For: High-growth sales teams needing flexibility.

Pricing: GetAccept offers a free trial and Professional and Enterprise plans, starting at $49 per user per month. 

Why It’s Great

GetAccept is widely recognized for its user-centric design, providing a seamless experience for users to configure, send, and sign documents online. Tailored for sales professionals, the platform offers specialized features, including live chat, document tracking, and e-signature capabilities, which significantly streamline document workflows and expedite the deal-closing process. Moreover, its robust document signing functionality further simplifies the electronic signing of documents, presenting a straightforward solution for organizations looking to enhance their operational efficiency.

Areas for Improvement

Despite its many strengths, GetAccept does face some challenges. A notable concern among users is the platform’s limited CRM integration capabilities, which can lead to synchronization issues. Additionally, the process of uploading documents could be more intuitive and user-friendly. Users have reported that creating proposals can be a manual and cumbersome process, suggesting a need for a more streamlined approach. Furthermore, although the platform is generally praised for its ease of use, there are instances where the interface could be optimized for specific functions, such as proposal creation, to improve the overall user experience.

12. DocHub


DocHub introduces a streamlined, budget-friendly approach to document management specially designed for early-stage teams. It focuses on delivering a user-friendly experience with an intuitive design that simplifies document sharing, approvals, and eSigning processes. Leveraging a secure cloud portal, DocHub ensures safe storage and seamless collaboration. With a keen eye on the evolving needs of startups and small teams, DocHub’s offerings are not just about meeting immediate requirements; they are about growing with your business, providing carefully planned upgrades and features that scale with your team’s needs.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Cloud storage and sharing
  • Editable PDF annotation
  • Reusable templates
  • Basic eSignatures

Best For: Startups and small teams needing affordable optimization.

Pricing: DocHub offers two easy plans: one free with up to 5 eSignatures per month and a Pro version for $10 per month billed annually, including unlimited eSignatures. 

Why It’s Great

DocHub is widely acclaimed for its intuitive user interface, significantly simplifying the tasks of editing, sharing, and signing PDF documents. Users also laud its affordability, noting that DocHub offers a comprehensive suite of features at a cost-effective price point. The platform is notably recognized for its extensive feature set, which includes advanced editing and customization options, efficient workflow support, and robust security protocols ensuring legal compliance, making it a preferred choice for effective document management.

Areas for Improvement

Users have encountered intermittent error messages, such as “Error 502” or alerts indicating that the service is “down for maintenance,” disrupting the user experience. Issues with the ‘Save’ functionality have also been noted, with some instances of documents not saving as anticipated, posing a risk to data integrity. Additionally, DocHub’s capability for integration is somewhat limited, primarily confined to Google Drive and GSuite, which may restrict its utility for users relying on a broader range of platforms for their document management needs.

13. Zoho Sign


Zoho Sign enables organizations to elevate contracts with trusted encryption, compliance, and signature legitimacy integrated into Zoho’s business management suite. The embedded capacities simplify workflows by allowing document creation, approvals routing, signing, and storage to flow frictionlessly across Zoho’s trusted apps.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Native Zoho integration
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Custom branding
  • Usage analytics

Best For: Current Zoho customers seeking integrated eSignature capacities.

Pricing: Zoho Sign pricing starts at $10/month for up to 25 signatures and approval workflows. The platform also offers a free document signing tier with up to five envelopes per month. 

Why It’s Great

Users praise Zoho Sign’s simplicity and seamless integration. The unified dashboard centralizes systems for efficient oversight, with documents effortlessly passing between tools. Automation also speeds up manual tasks for a smoother process. For growing Zoho users, embedded capabilities drive optimization.

Areas for Improvement

As an integrated add-on, Zoho Sign provides lighter-weight features than full-scale alternatives. Companies may desire more advanced customizations, storage, and controls. And the embedded nature poses switching costs. So, non-Zoho users should evaluate Zoho Sign alternatives. But for current customers, Zoho Sign boosts platform potential.

14. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign integrates robust eSignatures into Adobe’s ecosystem for streamlined workflows. The platform enables organizations to elevate contractual agreements with leading encryption, compliance, and signature legitimacy integrated across Adobe’s suite of trusted productivity tools. The embedded capacities simplify workflows by allowing document creation, approvals routing, signing, and storage to flow frictionlessly across critical applications.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • Native Adobe integrations
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Advanced workflows
  • Compliance certifications

Best For: Companies using Adobe software needing integrated eSignature capacities.

Pricing: Adobe Sign pricing starts at $12.99 per user per month for unlimited signatures and includes the Acrobat Pro plan, which starts at $19.99 per user per month for custom branding. 

Why It’s Great

Adobe Sign stands out for its seamless integration capabilities, particularly with Microsoft Office 365, enabling effortless embedding into websites and creating streamlined signing experiences for both customers and teams. As a cloud-based electronic signature software, it offers the flexibility to sign documents from any location and maintains a clean, aesthetically appealing digital environment for storing documents. Additionally, Adobe Sign strongly emphasizes compliance and security, offering features such as certificate-based signatures, FERPA readiness, and Microsoft 365 certification to mitigate legal and compliance risks effectively.

Areas for Improvement

The account recovery process for Adobe Sign is reportedly tedious, potentially leading to delays and frustration. Furthermore, individuals without Adobe accounts might face challenges when attempting to sign documents on some devices, presenting an obstacle particularly for those not embedded in the Adobe ecosystem. Another notable limitation is the difficulty in making alterations once a document has been finalized in Adobe Sign, which restricts the flexibility to modify signed documents and could be a significant inconvenience in dynamic business environments.

15. eSign


eSign presents a streamlined, user-friendly electronic signature software solution perfect for individual users and solopreneurs seeking a straightforward approach to digital document management. It offers an intuitive platform for efficiently uploading, filling, signing, and sharing documents.

With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, eSign is ideal for handling occasional one-off transactions, providing a hassle-free experience without the complexities often associated with more advanced, feature-rich platforms. Its no-frills approach ensures that users can quickly accomplish their tasks, making it a go-to choice for those who value simplicity and effectiveness in their digital signing processes.

At a Glance

Key Features:

  • 100% free tier with three signature requests per month
  • Unlimited PDF editing
  • Sync with Dropbox, Drive, SharePoint
  • Unlimited sharing of documents

Best For: Individual users needing a simple solution for one-off digital signing. 

Pricing: eSign provides a premium tier in addition to its free tier, with the addition of fillable forms at $9.99 per user per month. 

Why It’s Great

The document signing software is highly regarded for its quick and intuitive interface, significantly reducing the time to complete tasks and enabling others to respond swiftly. Its simplicity is a standout feature, streamlining processes and enhancing user experience. This straightforward nature of the platform makes it an ideal choice for users seeking efficiency and ease of use in managing their one-off transactions or recurring tasks.

Areas for Improvement

While the platform excels in its simplicity and ease of use, its functionality is relatively basic, which points to potential areas for enhancement. The primary scope for improvement lies in introducing additional functionalities and customization options. However, it’s important to note that the platform is designed as a straightforward, easy-to-use tool intended for sporadic, one-off transactions rather than complex, multifaceted operations. As such, while expanding its capabilities could increase its utility, it’s crucial to maintain the delicate balance between adding features and preserving the user-friendly nature that defines the platform.

How We Determined the Best Digital Signature Solutions

As an eSignature solution provider, Signaturely relies heavily on direct industry expertise when evaluating the competitive landscape. While the core functionality of the best electronic signature software is similar, how that functionality is delivered can vary greatly. During our analysis, we examined these differences closely across four key areas:

  • Features & Customization: We conducted an in-depth evaluation of each platform’s features and configuration options across their pricing plans. This scrutiny wasn’t just about the number of features but how these features translate into real-world utility, considering both the self-serve capabilities and the level of hands-on support necessary. Our evaluation went beyond the surface, looking at how these features cater to the dynamic needs of businesses and adapt to the evolving digital landscape.
  • Ideal Customer Size: We considered target customer size – from solopreneurs to enterprise – and how pricing models align with intended users. Scalability was also assessed. Can growing companies expand capabilities over time through the same provider? Scalability played a pivotal role in our evaluation, ensuring that the solutions meet the current needs of businesses and grow with them, offering expanded capabilities over time without necessitating a switch to a new provider.
  • Existing User Feedback: Customer input holds tremendous value. We meticulously analyzed customer feedback and reviews across leading software review platforms like G2, Capterra, and TrustPilot. This step provided invaluable insights into the user experience, encompassing ease of use, reliability, customer support responsiveness, and more.

Additionally, our team leveraged direct industry knowledge from years of building, selling, and implementing eSignature solutions for organizations of all sizes. We understand users require both intuitive signing options and advanced controls to customize complex workflows.

Through this multipart diligence process, we strove to provide an honest look at solutions based on use cases and buyer needs. Our goal was not to highlight a narrow niche but cover the spectrum of Signaturely alternatives clearly and comprehensively in our collection of best digital signature software

FAQs About Digital Signature Solutions

Electronic signatures have transformed how organizations handle agreements and documentation. However, with rapid innovation, many questions remain on capabilities and best practices. Below are answers to some of the most common questions about digital transaction management.

What is a digital signature solution?

A digital or electronic signature tool provides the tools to generate and collect eSignatures legally and securely. Most offer additional features like document building, automated workflows, analytics, integrations, and more to optimize the entire agreement lifecycle. 

What is the best esignature solution?

The “best” solution depends on your specific use case. Small teams may prioritize ease of use and affordability, while large enterprises emphasize security and customization. We recommend outlining must-have features, pain points, and budgets to determine the best solution.

How do I create my own digital signature?

Many eSignature platforms allow the creation of a custom digital signature by uploading an image file or using a mouse/touchpad to draw a unique signature. Solutions then encrypt the signature for verification while protecting it with audit trails to prevent fraud. It’s important to note that while creating an electronic signature, the platform you choose should also provide robust security measures. This includes end-to-end encryption during the signing process and secure storage options post-signing, ensuring that your documents and signatures remain confidential and tamper-proof.

Which software is used for digital signature?

Over a hundred eSignature solutions are available today, leveraging various techniques to guarantee digital signature legitimacy. Top providers include Signaturely, DocuSign, PandaDoc, SignNow, Adobe Sign, HelloSign, ZohoSign, SignRequest, and Nitro Sign.

How can I create a digital signature for free?

Multiple free eSignature solutions exist, allowing basic document signing without fees. Examples include PandaDoc Free, eSign, SignRequest Free, SignWell Free, and HelloSign Free. Most limit key features like workflows, APIs, storage space, and signing turnaround but facilitate basic signatures.

What You Need to Remember About Digital Signature Solutions

Few electronic signature tools provide faster ROI when optimizing business workflows than streamlining document handling. And eSignatures sit centerstage. As the lifeblood, contracts, agreements, and approvals powering operations, digitizing this paper trail unlocks game-changing productivity and compliance.

This guide provided an honest look at leaders transforming legacy manual sign-offs into automated legal approval chains. We strived to match user needs with solution strengths so you can hit the ground running with the best electronic signature software.  

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