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PandaDoc Pricing & Plans: What to Know in 2024

Will Cannon

Last updated on February 16, 2024

Growing teams recognize the importance of digital document signing solutions. These electronic signature tools help streamline and simplify operations in a rapidly changing sales world. PandaDoc includes advanced features to provide businesses with robust and reliable tools for creating, sending, delivering, and tracking documents. But which plan is best for you? This article offers an overview of PandaDoc pricing & plans in 2024 to help you make the right choice for your business.  

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is a powerful digital document and eSignature solution that makes it easy to edit and create proposals, streamline your document workflow, and send requests for legally binding digital signatures. From contracts and proposals to forms and notary documents, PandaDoc eliminates the hassle of manual processes and helps organizations save time and resources. An alternative solution for teams needing a straightforward eSignature tool is Signaturely. Signaturely’s electronic signature software covers all the basics, from document creation to signature requests, making it simple to get documents signed with just a few clicks.

PandaDoc Key Features

PandaDoc offers various features in different pricing tiers, enabling teams to streamline their workflows. From foundational eSignature features like legally binding signatures to advanced capabilities, such as approval workflows, PandaDoc offers something for every business. 

PandaDoc’s key features include the following:

  • A content library that includes best practices for document creation
  • Unlimited number of document uploads for signature collection
  • Audit trail to track contract progress at every stage of the process
  • Content locking to prevent others from altering certain sections of your documents

PandaDoc Pricing

Outside of its free eSignature plan, PandaDoc pricing plans range from $19 to more than $49 per user per month when billed annually. When billed monthly, PandaDoc costs can range from $29 to $59 per user per month. The platform offers an Enterprise tier with custom pricing and access to advanced eSignature capabilities. 

PandaDoc Plans

PandaDoc offers a range of plans to fit several types of use cases. 

Free eSign

PandaDoc’s free plan is attractive for users with simple, no-frills eSignature needs. Both PandaDoc and Signaturely offer a free plan for their digital document & signature platform; however, each has distinct features in this tier. PandaDoc’s free plan provides users unlimited legally binding signatures, payment collection, and access to a mobile app. Signaturely’s free plan offers access to integrations with other applications not shown in PandaDoc’s free plan. Each software provides a high level of convenience and security—the challenge is deciding which one best suits the specific needs of your business.


PandaDoc’s Essentials plan is ideal for teams and individuals looking to easily collect eSignatures and manage their documents. It’s easy to use, with a feature-rich drag-and-drop editor and everything you need to get your documents signed quickly. It’s also very affordable, priced at just $19 per user per month (billed annually). You can get all the basics and more with PandaDoc Essentials.

The Essentials plan features a wide range of eSignature capabilities, including: 

  • Analytics dashboard for contracts
  • 24/7 email and chat support 
  • Access to custom legal document templates
  • 14-day free trial


PandaDoc’s Business plan goes beyond the basics of eSignatures and document management. This tier provides a suite of CRM and Zapier integrations, approval workflows, and custom branding, making it a great choice for thriving sales teams and busy HR departments. 

PandaDoc’s Business plan includes the following: 

  • Access to Salesforce integration
  • Automatic renewals to stay ahead of contract expiration dates
  • Unlimited workspaces for teams
  • 14-day free trial


PandaDoc’s Enterprise plan is built for teams who require more sophisticated contract management and eSignature solutions. Due to the customization required, PandaDoc’s pricing for this tier depends on your team’s needs. A free trial is also included in this plan.

The following features differentiate PandaDoc’s Enterprise plan from its standard tiers::

  • Support for SSO capabilities 
  • Access to API 
  • Custom user roles 
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Integrations Supported

PandaDoc can improve efficiency thanks to its range of integrations. The Business and Enterprise plans allow integration with several leading CRMs and provide access to Zapier for automatic workflows. Users in the Business and Enterprise tiers can choose to add Salesforce integration for an additional fee, while the Enterprise plan also unlocks access to the API for extra customization. Overall, PandaDoc offers great opportunities for those looking to streamline their workflows.

PandaDoc supports the following integrations and more: 

  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho
  • monday.com

Signaturely is the Best PandaDoc Alternative

While both PandaDoc and Signaturely offer similar features and functionality, a few key differentiators make Signaturely the better choice. Signaturely offers a more user-friendly platform than PandaDoc. It requires fewer steps to sign documents, and the setup process is more straightforward and intuitive. Plus, Signaturely makes it easier to access your signed documents from anywhere; they’re stored securely in the cloud and accessible from any device with an internet connection. 

Unlike other eSignature solutions like PandaDoc, Signaturely offers more bang for your buck. Not only does it offer access to native integrations like Box and Google Drive in its free tier, but its paid plans are also less expensive than those offered by PandaDoc. In addition, Signaturely offers top-rated customer support that can help with any questions or issues that may arise while using the service. Their customer service team is available 24/7 via email or live chat so that you can get answers quickly. Signaturely is, without a doubt, one of the best PandaDoc alternatives out there.

Key Features

Signaturely offers the following features, which make for a robust alternative to PandaDoc. 

  • Automated notifications and reminders for enhanced contract management
  • Audit log and history to improve compliance
  • Custom business branding

Plans & Pricing

Signaturely features three easy-to-understand pricing plans: 

  • Free plan: includes integrations and up to three signature requests per month
  • Personal plan: $16 per month (billed annually) with access to unlimited signature requests and a document template
  • Business: $24 per month (billed annually) with unlimited templates, unlimited document uploads, and team management tools

FAQs About PandaDoc Pricing

Below are some frequently asked questions about PandaDoc pricing.

Is PandaDoc cheaper than DocuSign?

While DocuSign’s Personal plan is the most affordable option, their limit of 5 documents for signature requests per month may be limited to those who require more frequent use. Professionals who frequently need signatures should consider PandaDoc; while it has a slightly higher price tag, the platform offers unlimited electronic signatures. Plus, if you have a larger business requiring multiple users, PandDoc’s Business plan at $49 per user per month may still offer more value than DocuSign’s Business Pro, priced at $40 per user per month.

What is better: PandaDoc or DocuSign?

PandaDoc and DocuSign are popular options for businesses seeking to implement electronic signatures. While PandaDoc is straightforward and an excellent solution for teams seeking quick setup, DocuSign offers more comprehensive features. This more advanced functionality helps enterprise teams execute sophisticated workflows that span departments and organizational levels. Ultimately, both PandaDoc and DocuSign can be valuable tools that streamline the eSignature process for businesses. We also have a comparison between PandaDoc and HelloSign, another well-known alternative.

Can I use PandaDoc for free?

PandaDoc has a free tier with access to payments, a mobile app, and unlimited signatures.

How many documents can I send per month for free with PandaDoc?

You can send unlimited business documents per month with PandaDoc’s free tier.

What You Need to Remember About PandaDoc Pricing

Several PandaDoc pricing plans cater to a variety of needs. PandaDoc’s various tiers offer various eSignature tools at different price points. If you’re looking for an alternative to PandaDoc, Signaturely is a great option that offers easy-to-use contract management at a more accessible price. Whichever route you choose, be sure to do your research. With so many tools on the market today, you’re sure to find the best solution for your team’s document workflows.

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