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Electronic Signature for Education
Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signature for Education: Is it better?

Will Cannon

Last updated on February 1, 2024

Small improvements can make a big difference in the field of education.  Electronic signatures for education and institutions make life easier for students and professors alike. They can help educators streamline their tasks and boost productivity, and help students easily complete forms and other paperwork. Reliable electronic signature software can help educators ensure that grades are accurately recorded, and all coursework is turned in on time. Students using these tools will have more time to focus on what matters: learning.

Keep reading to learn how electronic signatures can streamline academic operations. 

Why is Electronic Signature for Education the Future?

As the world moves increasingly online, it’s no surprise that electronic signatures are becoming more popular. Let’s look at the benefits of using online signatures in education.

Saves Time

Using an electronic signature for education can be a time saver. Teachers often need to collect forms from students, such as permission slips for field trips. Educators used to distribute paper forms to each student, wait for them to be signed and returned, and then collate them. Rather than spending hours printing, scanning, and mailing documents back and forth, teachers can now send forms electronically and have them signed in just a few clicks. 

Reduces Costs

Another benefit of using digital signatures is reduced costs. Paper-based systems are not only time-consuming, but they’re also expensive. Costs for paper, printer ink, and postage can really add up, and there’s always a risk that documents will get lost in the mail. Digital signature tools allow you to send documents electronically without additional costs. 

Streamline Processes Across Departments

eSignatures can also help streamline processes across departments. For example, students regularly submit transcript request forms to the registrar’s office. If they use paper forms, they must complete the form by hand, bring the documents to their advisor for a signature, and then physically deliver them to the registrar’s office. With electronic signatures, students can simply fill out the forms online, and the documents will instantly be available to the appropriate departments.

Stay in Touch With Parents & Guardians

Electronic signatures can also help educators stay in touch with parents and guardians. With so many families leading busy lives, reaching the right person at the right time can be difficult. However, by sending documents electronically, you can quickly and easily keep everyone up to date on important information and make signing easy. It’s a great way to improve communication and keep everyone on the same page. 

Use Cases for Electronic Signatures for Education

School systems worldwide continually look for ways to improve efficiency and cut costs. One way to do this is by adopting new technologies, such as electronic signatures. From admissions to counseling, eSignatures can help streamline various processes in the education system. Here are several ways in which digital signatures can be used in education:

Admissions Department

One of the most obvious use cases for eSignatures in education is admissions. Admissions involve a lot of paperwork, including applications and offer letters. With eSignatures, all of these documents can be signed electronically, allowing educational institutions to streamline workflows and reduce the risk of errors.

Student Enrollment

Enrolling new students can be time-consuming. Electronic signatures can accelerate the process by allowing students to sign their enrollment forms electronically. This enables the enrollment department to track which forms have and have not been signed. Using eSignatures also helps ensure that all documents are legally binding.

Parental Consent Forms

Parental consent forms, such as permission slips and release forms, can be distributed and signed using eSignature software. This saves time and paper and enables the school to track which forms have been signed and which have not yet been completed. As mentioned above, using electronic signatures helps ensure that all these important documents are legally binding.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new employees can be a time-consuming process. Employee onboarding documents for new staff members, such as offer letters and I-9 forms, can be completed and signed electronically using eSignatures. This helps ensure a smooth transition for new hires and reduces paperwork for HR staff. 

Financial Aid Documents

Electronic signature software allows students to sign their financial aid documents electronically. This saves time and paper and enables the financial aid department to track which documents have been signed and which have not. Electronic signature tools also ensure that all documents are legally binding. 

Progress Reports & Grades

Progress reports and grades can be sent electronically using eSignatures. This allows parents to easily view their child’s progress without waiting for a physical copy in the mail. Additionally, it allows parents to easily provide consent for their child to receive remote learning services if necessary.

Signaturely for Education Purposes

From collecting tuition payments to onboarding new hires, there are many reasons why those in the education field may need to collect signatures. Obtaining signatures used to involve printing out school documents, having them signed in person, and then waiting to have them returned via mail or email—a time-consuming process. Thanks to electronic signature apps like Signaturely, creating and collecting electronic signatures from others is now a breeze. Here are some benefits of using Signaturely’s electronic signature solution:

Legally Binding

One of the most important considerations when collecting signatures is whether or not they will hold up in court. As long as it can be proved that someone signed a contract with clear intent to enter a legal relationship, eSignatures are legal and valid. You can rest assured that all collected signatures are legally binding due to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN). While electronic signature laws differ by state, they are officially recognized in all states. 


Another important consideration is security. When dealing with sensitive information like student records, using a platform that takes security seriously is essential. With Signaturely, all collected data is compliant with AATL, or Adobe Approved Trust List, ensuring that your data remains safe and confidential. 


With Signaturely, there’s no need to be tied to a desk to collect signatures. The platform is fully mobile-optimized, so you can collect signatures from anywhere anytime. Whether at a school event or working from home, Signaturely makes it easy to get the job done. 

Cost Effective

Signaturely is an affordable solution for schools looking to adopt electronic signature technology. There are a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs and budget. This includes a free tier to help with your most basic electronic signature needs, including easily setting up an eSignature

Easy to Use

Adopting a new tool at an educational institution is no simple feat. However, Signaturely makes it easy for teachers and students to use the platform and create electronic signatures— whether it’s a handwritten signature you’re looking to convert to a digital format or a typed signature. The Signaturely tool doesn’t require any training; its intuitive interface enables users to get started right away. 

What You Need to Remember About Electronic Signatures for Education

The use of electronic signatures for education is becoming more and more popular. Schools and colleges are striving to find ways to reduce costs, save time, and streamline processes. Electronic signatures offer a secure way to get digital documents signed and keep parents and guardians in touch with what’s happening at the school. Admissions departments, student enrollment, parental consent forms, and employee onboarding are just a few areas where digital signatures can be used to improve the experience at your educational institution. If you and your organization aren’t already using electronic signatures, it’s time to consider making the switch.

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