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Electronic Signatures

Say goodbye to paper-based signatures and embrace the convenience of electronic signatures with Signaturely’s blog articles.

How to Sign a PDF on iPad (Simple and Free)

As they say it: cluttered desk; cluttered mind! And we agree 100%. Numerous studies have shown that we tend to lose focus, experience decreased productivity, and lose too much time on task completion if we have a cluttered workstation. One unnecessary distraction is having multiple papers waiting for our signature or to be sent to recipients. […]

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Best Digital Signature Software Compared (+ Buyer’s Guide)

Best Digital Signature Software (Buyer’s Guide)

Signing and processing documents digitally saves you time, effort, and money. It allows you to streamline your document workflow, improving your organization’s operational efficiency. There are several ways to sign a document digitally; the best method is to use digital signature software. Here are the best digital signature software platforms for your business. Don’t know

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How to sign pdf on android

How to Sign a PDF on Android Phones (Full Guide)

Doing business in the 21st century means working online and constantly communicating with people around the globe. And while digital work means greater freedom, sometimes we might feel stuck regarding bureaucracy. If you operate globally, you might wonder what’s the most efficient way to sign your contracts online.  To help you out, we decided to

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Are you tired of dealing with paperwork? We have the solution. Here is the best PDF signing software to try!

Best PDF Signing Software (Including Free Options)

In this digital era, borders and time zones are practically non-existent when running a business. Our clients may come from different parts of the world, and expanding a business beyond one state’s border is generally easier. However, digitalization requires the increased use of online tools that enable streamlined and undisturbed workflow, and among the most essential

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Legal Signatures: Everything You Need to Know

Is your business considering switching to a digital document workflow and unsure about the legality of digital signatures? You’ve probably got several questions concerning what is and isn’t considered legal. You must ensure you follow the correct procedures and protocol regarding digital document signing.  In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about

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