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How to write a signature like a boss
Electronic Signatures

How to Write a Signature (Like a Boss)

Will Cannon

Last updated on January 16, 2024

A good signature is iconic and tailored for each event. In this article, we’ll teach you how to write a signature that is appropriate, iconic, and completely fits your style and needs.

We’ll discuss different signatures and their purposes and show you how to write the perfect signature every time.

Let’s get started.

1. Determine the Purpose of the Signature

Not every signature fits every scenario. Just as your email signature isn’t the same one you use for legal documents, the best one fits the context.

Here are a few examples:

Email Signature

Depending on the message, you should add or remove parts of your signature in the email.

A good business email signature has the customized name of the person writing the email in the company’s style, usually along with the company logo. Signatures in cold emails may also include the phone number and other contact information.

A personal email signature usually only includes the person’s name. This is becoming more common, especially with new startups with fresh and casual styles.

Word signature

Although many people don’t know it, users can add a legal eSignature in Microsoft Word.

Users can find the Signature Line feature under “Insert.” Users can add signature details, like the signer’s name, title, and email address. Microsoft Word also allows the user to add a few lines of instructions for the signer and generates a signature with a cross to indicate where to sign.

The signer can then select an image of their signature, which will be inserted right into the document while blocking it to prevent any changes from being made.

Although this is a free and effective way of adding a signature, it may not be a great choice when asking for signatures from others since the process isn’t quick or intuitive.

PDF signature

A signature on a PDF is usually accomplished using electronic signature software like Signaturely.

These online signature platforms allow users to upload their PDF, add the right signature fields, and send a digital signature request. They also update the user with the signing process, show useful analytics, and help with the writing process by providing legal templates.

Learn more here.

Google Docs signature

Although there’s no specific feature to add a signature to a Google Doc, you can still draw it into the document.

To add a signature to your Google Docs file, click Insert, Draw, and select New. This will open the drawing tool, where you can click on the Line tool and select Scribble to start signing. Then, you can use your mouse, touchscreen, or trackpad to draw your signature.

Since this signature is likely not legally binding, you should only use it for symbolic documents, not for legal contracts.

If you want to add a legally binding digital signature to your Google Doc, you’ll have to first download it as a PDF or DOC. Then you can upload it to a digital signing platform and add the required signature fields.

Platforms like Signaturely also allow you to request signatures while guiding your signers step by step through the signing process. You can connect it to other online tools to automatically get started as soon as you receive your signatures. 

This allows you to request signatures even from users who aren’t tech-savvy and empowers you to improve your customer service experience.

Create your free Signaturely account.

2. Choose a Signature Style You Like

Here’s more information about how to translate your personal style into your signature style:

How to choose a style for digital signatures

Digital signatures allow you to personalize your signature easily, regardless of your artistic inclinations.

Start by typing your name, nickname, or initials as your signature. You can choose any variation without worrying about “keeping it official.”

Find a font you like

Once you’ve chosen the right combination, you can change the font. Although this may take a while, it’s a simple way of personalizing and stylizing your signature to your liking.

Apply some formatting to the text

Finally, you can change the size and color of the text. This will make it even more unique and personalized to your taste. You can then take a screenshot or save it as an image to use it as an online signature.

How to choose a style for handwritten signatures

Choosing a style to draw your signature usually involves more than just choosing a font. However, it can also result in a memorable and easily identifiable signature.

Here’s how to get started:

Research handwritten signature styles online to get inspiration

You can start by researching the people known by their signatures: celebrities. Celebrities usually have had the help of professionals to perfect their signature and find an iconic style.

If you want more definite signature ideas, search for celebrities with one of your initials or names. Then create a folder to keep the signatures you like the most. You should start to recognize your style as you download your favorite signatures.

Try to replicate the styles you like

Now that you have some ideas for inspiration, it’s time to start experimenting. Replicate some of the styles you like before deciding to discard any of them. It might be that your favorite style is very hard to replicate. However, you may end up liking how you drew one of the signatures, even if you didn’t like how the finished product looked.

Keep playing with different styles and combinations to find the one you like the most.

Add your unique touch

Finally, and optionally, you may add a little unique touch. For example, you can stretch the tail of one letter to cross a “t” or add a little flourish to another letter.

You may also want to research calligraphy decorations to access a wider array of classic-looking letters for a more complex signature.

Once you’ve found something you like, keep practicing until you can draw it several times to ensure it stays consistent, and start signing with your new signature!

3. Make Sure the Signature Style is Aligned with Its Purpose 

As we’ve mentioned before, a good signature fits its purpose. Like most celebrities don’t use their autograph when signing documents, the ideal signature will be defined by its surroundings and author.

Good examples

Walt Disney Signature

One of the most famous autographs, Walt Disney’s beautiful and fully legible signature, later became the logo of one of the largest companies in the world.

This was achieved by taking the signature as inspiration for the logo, keeping the same little unique touches, like how Disney dotted the “i” and the unique, all-caps handwriting. None of this was created by accident. Walt Disney was an artist himself and clearly took pride in the signature he designed.

The signature was stylized by taking existing elements and making them more consistent and identifiable.

The result? One of the most famous images in the modern world and an icon of pop culture.

Learn from it:

While not all of us can design a signature as famous and iconic as Walt Disney’s, we can still draw an iconic signature.

Keep it simple, using one or two flourishes to draw attention to your name, not away from it.

Bad examples

Donald Trump Signature

Although many controversial things can be said about Donald Trump, we will only focus on his signature.

Although Donald Trump has made a huge effort to boost his name to fandom, going as far as naming a wide array of products with his last name, his signature certainly lacks that branding.

Love it or hate it, the first thought of many while looking at the signature is “I could draw that.” while no one needs a highly complex signature, the lack of cross on the “T” and the general style make this signature nearly illegible, even if all the letters are there.

This translates into an unreadable signature with no flourishes or identifiable features besides its barrenness.

Learn from it:

Instead of a simple signature, aim to create a signature that at least displays your initials clearly so people can quickly connect it to your name.

Try Signaturely to Write a Signature Like a Boss

Generate your online signature by typing your name and selecting your font.

Looking to design a personalized digital signature easily? Signaturely’s free online signature creator allows you to draw multiple signatures and change their color and angles. You can visualize how various fonts look when typing your signature, so you don’t have to try each one individually.

Main Features

Here are Signaturely’s main features:

  • Great for drawn signatures: The signature maker allows you to draw a signature that looks just like your current signature for online purposes.
  • Great for written signatures: Use the signature maker to visualize fonts according to their style and change the color of your signature.
  • Free, simple signature maker: There’s no signup required; just go to the page and start signing.

Try Signaturely’s free online signature maker to start designing your new signature.


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about signatures:

What is a signature?

A signature is a handwritten or digital image depicting someone’s name or identity. A signature allows someone to give their legally binding agreement to a document or contract and ties the image to a specific person.

What are the different types of signatures?

There are three main types of signatures. A wet signature is simply a physical mark created by someone and written down. Clickwrap signatures are simple ticks on boxes like you use when accepting terms and conditions. Finally, a digital signature is the electronic version of a wet signature, where an authentication mechanism captures a timestamp of the signing process to make it legally binding.

What is a signature maker?

A signature maker is a website that allows you to create a new signature for signing documents online. These make it easy to create a fully personalized signature quickly.

What should a signature look like?

Although there are no rules, a signature usually includes a person’s name, initials, or a combination of both. Although some signatures are illegible, they usually keep at least the first letter capitalized or increase the size of the first letter to make the initials the focal points.

How do I find the right signature for me?

The best way to find the right signature is by looking for inspiration and writing the signature multiple times and in multiple variations. You can write letters with different styles and try connecting other letters when appropriate. If you want your signature to look stunning and replicate it easily, you can learn calligraphy and find inspiration in different flourishes and styles.

How can I improve my signature?

You can improve your signature’s style by looking for ways to personalize it and make it stand out. Choose your first initial and try drawing it in different styles. Instead of signing with just an initial, you can make your signature longer or add a flourish on the last letter. Look at your current signature’s favorite elements, and make sure you’re using those when improving your signature.

How to write a signature: Conclusion

A good signature doesn’t necessarily need intricate designs or complex flourishes. Instead, create a signature that’s easy to replicate while remaining iconic enough to be memorable.

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