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Document Automation

Document Automation Software for Your Business

Will Cannon

Last updated on March 4, 2024

Whether your business is just starting out or well-established, document automation technology can be a vital tool to help it run more efficiently. This software can enable you and your legal team to create and manage documents of all types–— from simple letters to more complex legal and financial paperwork. Advanced document automation tools can pack a punch when documenting legal processes

We’ll cover the basics of document automation and analyze which tools can help bring your legal operations to the next level.

What is Document Automation?

In its simplest form, document automation uses software to create documents from pre-defined templates. It can be used for many documents, including contracts, invoices, letters, and proposals.

Automating the creation of documents can save time and improve efficiency, especially when paired with paperless apps. In addition, document automation can help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Template-based document creation can help improve consistency and accuracy and reduce the risk of errors. Document automation can be a vital tool for improving efficiency and reducing costs for businesses that rely heavily on document assembly and management.

8 Best Document Automation Software Solutions for 2024

In our digital age, automating document-related tasks is essential for business efficiency. Luckily, many software solutions are available to help automate your digital workflow. 

We’ve compiled 8 of the best document automation and document signing software solutions for 2024. Each tool has unique capabilities and offers a variety of benefits, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. 

1. Signaturely

Signaturely makes it easy to get your paperwork signed. This robust e-signature platform can track all your paperwork in one place, making it perfect for small businesses. The program also includes advanced document automation tools like templates and document activity tracking. Plus, it’s highly user-friendly— anyone can easily get started with Signaturely and quickly learn to use this intuitive platform. 

Key Features

There are a few essential Signaturely features that make the platform stand out from the crowd, including: 

  • Backup of legal data records in a secure place
  • Automated follow-ups and reminders 
  • Custom business branding
  • Digital signature maker
  • Team management with different levels of access
  • Robust integrations for simplified document management
  • Mobile app for easy access to e-signing records
  • Advanced data security and encryption, including penetration testing and two-factor authentication

2. PandaDoc

A strong alternative, PandaDoc is a document automation software that helps businesses streamline their document creation process. It’s used to create, send, track, and e-sign documents like quotes, contracts, proposals, and NDAs. 

The platform is best for small to medium businesses that need a simple and efficient way to manage their sales documents. It’s also great for teams collaborating on proposals and tracking document status in real time. 

Key Features

PandaDoc’s main features include the following: 

  • Built-in templates
  • E-signatures
  • Online payments
  • Detailed analytics
  • Integrations with Salesforce and Zapier
  • Mobile app

3. Conga

Conga is an e-signature tool that helps streamline the contract lifecycle. It’s best for businesses that must send a high volume of contracts for approval, as it allows multiple parties to sign off on a document electronically. This feature can save time and hassle compared to traditional paper-based approvals.

Businesses can also use Conga to track the status of each contract and ensure that all the necessary approvals have been completed. Built for Salesforce users, this platform offers robust contract management. 

Key Features

Conga’s key features include: 

  • Robust Salesforce integration
  • Signer status tracking
  • Compliance with UETA, ESIGN Act, and eIDAS
  • Reliable customer support

4. Templafy

Templafy is a cloud-based software that helps companies manage their brand identity and ensure compliance with brand standards. It provides users with templates for creating documents, presentations, emails, and a library of brand-approved images and fonts.

Templafy is ideal for companies with a large workforce that must maintain consistent branding across all communication channels. This is especially beneficial for companies with strict brand guidelines, as the platform can help ensure compliance with these procedures.

Key Features

Templafy’s primary features include the following:

  • One centralized library for all content accessible by any device
  • Custom templates and brand guidelines
  • Advanced collaboration tools
  • Email signature management
  • Check for outdated content

5. HotDocs

HotDocs is a document generation tool that helps organizations streamline the creation of custom documents. Legal teams can use this tool to create everything from contracts and legal forms to customer surveys and tax returns. HotDocs is particularly well-suited for organizations that regularly deal with large volumes of documents. It’s built to work for both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises.

The software makes it easy to create custom documents by filling in pre-defined fields with the relevant information. This feature can save significant time and effort compared to creating each contract from scratch. As a result, HotDocs can substantially boost productivity for companies that regularly deal with large numbers of documents.

Key Features

HotDocs is a document automation software that allows users to create, assemble, and distribute custom documents. It offers a variety of features that make it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

Some of the key features of HotDocs include:

  • Flexible template creation
  • Data input using forms, spreadsheets, and databases.
  • Automated document assembly
  • Document distribution
  • Custom templates with calculations

6. Checkbox

Checkbox is a document automation software that helps businesses automate their workflows. This program allows users to create checklists, forms, and approvals easily. Checkbox is built for large enterprises that need to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency. Additionally, the platform integrates with various popular business applications, making it even easier to start automating your workflows.

Key Features

  • Advanced document management
  • Document generation without code
  • Workflow and decision automation tools 
  • Centralized data management

7. Revv

Revv is a document automation software that helps businesses streamline their operations. It provides templates for common legal documents, such as invoices and contracts, and allows users to fill them out easily. 

In addition, Revv integrates with popular business applications, such as CRM and accounting software, making it easy to keep track of all your important data in one place. Revv is built for companies in educational technology, software, talent management, professional services, and more. 

Key Features

There are a few important features Revv brings to the table, including: 

  • Vetted legal templates
  • Easy-to-use customization
  • Internal approval of workflows
  • Bulk signing
  • API integrations

8. Documate

Documate is a document management software that helps businesses securely organize, store, and share their legal documents. It’s best for businesses that need to collaborate on documents regularly or those with a lot of sensitive information to manage. 

Documate offers a range of features to simplify document management, including version control, user permissions, and password protection. It’s also compatible with various devices to access your documents from anywhere. Whether you’re looking to streamline your business’s document management process or need a secure way to share sensitive information, Documate could be the perfect solution for your business.

Key Features

  • Advanced version control
  • Customizable user permissions
  • Password protection for enhanced security
  • Payment collection
  • Robust suite of API and integrations


Billdu is a top-notch document management software that offers a comprehensive solution for businesses. With Billdu, you can effortlessly handle your documents, invoices, purchase orders, quotes and receipts in one centralized platform, making it an ideal choice for small businesses and freelancers.
The Billdu software also provides advanced document automation tools such as customizable templates and document activity tracking, expense tracking, financial reporting ensuring efficient and organized document management.

Key Features of Billdu:
Billdu boasts several key features that set it apart, including:

  • Billdu streamlines document creation for invoices, quotes, purchase orders, delivery notes, and receipts.
  • Customize documents with business branding.
  • Create digital signatures easily.
  • Securely store legal data records.
  • Manage teams with varied access levels.
  • Access e-signing records on the go.
  • Integrate with accounting software.
  • Ensure advanced data security and encryption.

Benefits of Using Document Automation Software

There are many benefits of using document automation software, including: 

Speed Up Processes

Document automation and contract management software can be a huge time-saver for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can free up staff to focus on more important tasks by automating repetitive tasks like data entry and document generation. In addition, document automation can help improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing the risk of human error. 

Streamline Documents

Document automation technology can streamline document preparation and management by reducing the amount of manual input required. This can help improve efficiency and accuracy. The benefits of document automation software are particularly pronounced for businesses that deal with large volumes of legal documents daily. 

For example, a law firm might use document assembly software to generate contracts and other legal documents. Automating the overall process increases efficiency and could provide a competitive advantage over firms still using manual techniques. 

Reduce Errors

Document automation software can help reduce errors by automating the creation and execution of documents. This means that businesses can create documents without inputting data, which can lead to mistakes manually. Avoiding errors can save companies time and money. 

Easily Track Progress

Document automation systems can be a lifesaver when tracking the progress of a project. By automatically creating and updating documents, you can quickly and easily see where things stand at any given moment. This is especially useful for scaling businesses, as it can help monitor progress on multiple projects. These programs make staying on top of things easy while saving time and money. 

How to Choose the Best Document Automation Software For Your Business

There are a few key factors to consider when selecting the right document automation software for your business:

Share Documents Quickly

One of the most important features of document automation software is the ability to share documents quickly. This capability is essential for businesses as it allows them to collaborate on documents and get feedback promptly. It also makes sending copies for review or approval easy, saving time and hassle. When choosing e-signature software, this is an important consideration.

Plenty of Templates to Use

Any business, no matter the size, needs to be efficient to succeed. That’s why document automation systems with free contract templates to choose from are so beneficial—they can help streamline your processes. Setting templates for frequently used documents saves time and energy that can be put into other business areas. It also helps ensure that important documents are always consistent and accurate. 

Remote Edit Access

With remote edit access, you can sign secured PDFs and documents from anywhere you have an internet connection. This facilitates document signing, allowing users from multiple areas to access the same document simultaneously. This feature is essential in today’s fast-paced and remote world and should be the foundation of leading documentation automation platforms. 

High-Security Features

When looking for document automation software, ensuring that the program offers robust security features is important. After all, you’ll trust the tool with sensitive information and not want it to fall into the wrong hands. Look for platforms that have encryption and two-factor authentication. Choose a program dedicated to continually improving its security protocols. 

FAQs About Document Automation

There are a few key FAQs about document automation, including:

What does it mean to automate a document?

When we talk about automating a document, we usually create a template that can be used repeatedly. This could be something as simple as a letterhead or invoice or more complex as a contract or report. The key benefits of automation are efficiency and consistency. Templates ensure you don’t have to start from scratch when producing a document. 

Can you automate Word documents?

There are several ways to automate Word, including macros and third-party add-ins. Macros are essentially small programs created to automate repetitive tasks. You can record macros in Word or write them using the Visual Basic for Applications programming language. 

What is automated document production?

Automated document production is the process of creating documents using automation tools. This could be anything from simple macros and templates to more complex solutions, including artificial intelligence to generate automated documents from data sources. In many cases, these processes can dramatically improve efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to produce documents. 

What is a document automation specialist?

A document automation specialist is a professional who helps organizations streamline their document production process. Document automation specialists work with organizations to identify inefficiencies in their document production process and develop and implement solutions to improve efficiency. This may involve developing custom software.

What You Need to Remember About Document Automation

Document automation and document assembly software can streamline your organization’s legal processes. These tools won’t make your life easier; they can also save your company time and money. The list of the best document automation software tools on the market is based on research and reviews, so be sure to check them out.

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