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How to Sign a PDF Contract on Any Device
Electronic Signatures

How to Sign a PDF Contract on Any Device

Will Cannon

Last updated on February 20, 2024

When you need to sign a PDF contract, there are a few ways to complete this task. Using native apps or other software tools, you can electronically sign a PDF document on your mobile device or computer.

What to Know About Electronic Signatures

Just like handwritten signatures, electronic signatures are legally binding. You can create an electronic version of your handwritten signature to sign any digital document.

In contrast, digital signatures use a public key encryption infrastructure to verify the signatory’s identity. Since digital signatures require verification from certification authorities, they are often used to secure digital documents.

How to Sign a PDF Contract on Any Device

You can sign any digital document on any device using an electronic signature when you use an app like Signaturely.

How to Sign a PDF Contract Using Signaturely

Signaturely is a free app for you and your team to remotely access, sign, and send documents across all mobile devices. You can easily track your documents and their status on one platform.

Step 1: Open the PDF contract on Signaturely.com

Sign in to Signaturely and scroll to Upload File. Choose your files to upload or import documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or Blue Box. You can also drag and drop the file into the designated drop zone. 

Step 2: Type, draw, or upload your signature

Click on Fill Out and Sign. This will set up your document for digital signing. 

Click Sign. Then, you can either upload a digital image of your wet signature, draw your signature with an electronic pen or mouse, or type your name after choosing a suitable font. 

Step 3: Save or send your PDF contract

Click Send to send the document to other signatories or any other individual who requires the documents. You can send the signed PDF contract to your email address or download it onto your device.

How to Sign a PDF Contract on a Mac: Use Preview

For Mac users, Preview is the best tool for electronically signing PDF documents. You can also use Signaturely to sign PDFs on Mac devices.

Step 1: Open the PDF contract in Preview

On your Mac device, open your PDF contract on the Preview application. 

Step 2: Draw or Type Your Signature

Go to Tools, Annotate, Signature, and Manage Signatures. Here, you can create an electronic signature with your device’s trackpad. You can also sign your name on a blank sheet of paper and use the device’s camera to capture a picture of the signature and scan it.

Step 3: Insert the signature and save the PDF 

Go to Tools, Annotate, and Signature. Use the trackpad to drag and drop your signature image in the contract. Remember to save the document once you’ve affixed your signature on all required areas. 

How to Sign a PDF Contract on a PC: Use Adobe Reader 

If you are using a PC, Adobe Reader is the best option for signing digital or PDF documents. It is free and easy to use. 

Step 1: Open the PDF contract in Adobe Reader

Open Adobe Reader and choose File, then Open. Select your PDF contract.

Step 2: Create a signature using Fill & Sign

Click Tools, then Fill & Sign. All the form fields are automatically detected so you can quickly complete them. 

Click the Sign tool and then Add Signature. If you sign a document on Adobe Reader for the first time, you can type your name and choose a font style. Alternatively, you can draw your signature using a mouse or electronic pen or select a saved image of your wet signature. This process generates an electronic record of your wet signature.

Step 3: Insert the signature and save the PDF

Click Apply and choose where you want to affix your signature. Save the document after you have filled in all of the form fields.

How to Sign a PDF Contract on an iPhone: Use Markup

If you have an iPhone, you can create and save your signature on PDF files using the built-in Markup app. However, if you require sharing capabilities for multiple signatories or better-quality files, Signaturely is still your best option to sign PDFs on iPhone.

Step 1: Open the PDF contract on iPhone

Using the Mail app, open the PDF document on your iPhone. 

Step 2: Access the Markup Tool

Tap the document and then the gray arrow icon to access Markup. Click on the Markup and signature buttons (plus Sign) to add your signature.    

Step 3: Create a signature and add it to your PDF contract

Tap the text box and use the keyboard to input your signature. Once satisfied with the product, drag your signature into the signature field and click Done. 

How to Sign a PDF Contract on an Android: Use Adobe Sign Mobile

Adobe Sign Mobile is a great application for signing PDF forms for Android devices. However, Signaturely on Android is also an efficient choice for signing PDFs on Android with maximum flexibility and collaboration.

Step 1: Download Adobe Sign Mobile

Download Adobe Sign Mobile from the Google Play Store.  

Step 2: Open the PDF Contract

Open the PDF document and tap anywhere to access any hidden menus. Tap the signature field and the pen icon. Choose Create Signature and draw your signature on your phone screen. Click save signature to complete this process.  

Step 3: Insert the signature and share

Tap anywhere on the document to affix your signature. You can save the signed PDF document to your device and email it to any relevant parties.

What to Do After Signing a PDF Contract 

Once you’ve signed your PDF contract, you can save it to your device and send it to all relevant parties for further signing or verification.

Using an app like Signaturely simplifies the digital signing process and streamlines signing procedures if multiple signatories are involved. You can easily track the document’s status on the Signaturely dashboard and send automatic reminders to signatories.

Through Signaturely, you can securely store all of your documents in one place for easy access. 

FAQs About How to Sign a PDF Contract

Can I sign a PDF contract? 

You can sign a PDF contract with an electronic signature on any device using signature applications or other online tools. 

What are the rules and regulations for signatures?

Both the United States’s Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions (UETA) Act recognize electronic signatures or e-signatures as valid and holding as long as the signatory has the intent to sign, consents to complete business electronically, and agrees to use their electronic signature as an official part of their transaction records. 

What You Need to Remember About Signing a PDF Contract 

With digital technology, signing documents is now easier than ever. An application like Signaturely or similar digital tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Markup significantly streamline the signing process. 

Whether using a PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone, there are many options for making signing PDF documents and business contracts more convenient.

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