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SEO Proposal Template

SEO is a highly dynamic industry that’s changing all the time. We’ve designed an SEO proposal template (PDF and Word) that’s fully editable so you can stay on top of your game, position yourself as an expert, and ultimately win more clients.

Free SEO Proposal Templates to Help You Win More Clients

SEO is a highly dynamic industry that’s changing all the time. We’ve designed an SEO proposal template (PDF and Word) that’s fully editable so you can stay on top of your game, position yourself as an expert, and ultimately win more clients.
What’s in this template?
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SEO services at a glance

There’s no doubt about it. We live in a Google world.
With access to any information at everyone’s fingertips, it’s no surprise that companies are trying to figure out ways to appear at the top of search results to get more traffic, leads, and sales.
SEOs are hired to work their wizardry to help businesses rank in search. And this need will continue to grow as competition gets more fierce, and more demand for new information grows exponentially.
Check out these fascinating numbers as it relates to the increasing need for SEO services:

It’s a fantastic time to be an SEO as businesses are practically throwing money at agencies. But with increased demand, comes more competition. That’s why you need a professional proposal to stand out.

DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers or a law firm and we do not provide legal, business or tax advice. We recommend you consult a lawyer or other appropriate professional before using any templates or agreements from this website.

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SEO Proposal Template

We’ve worked with professional proofreaders and legal experts to design a simple proposal template for you to download, edit, save, and send to prospects. Our template is 100% free for you to use.
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What's an SEO proposal, and why is it so important?

An SEO proposal is a pitch to your prospective clients highlighting your services, your fees, and your approach to get results.
Think of your proposal as your SEO strategy template that you use over and over again, and tweak depending on the client.
For many clients, SEO is very intimidating and hard to understand, so naturally, they don’t know who to trust to get help.
Your proposal is a marketing tool to help clients understand just what it is you do and how you can help them get more traffic and leads for their website.

Best practices to win more clients with your SEO proposals

Your SEO proposal template is the foundation of your pitch. However, there are some variables you need to master to give you the best chance to win business.
We’ve identified four key elements to creating a winning proposal.

1. Ask purposeful questions

The success of your proposal is going to come down to how relevant your services are to the desired result of your client.
The best way to uncover your prospects’ needs is to ask high-quality questions. Below are ten questions you could ask each potential client:

2. Provide options

SEO services can quickly get technical and overwhelm potential clients. Once you understand the needs of your client, it’s helpful to break down your services into multiple options.
For example, you might suggest that a client needs:
Then you can offer all of the options, or the client can pick and choose options from the list. This makes them feel like they have a little bit more control over their marketing strategy.

3. Do the math

A creative approach to your proposal is to reverse engineer your potential clients’ conversion and tie your fees into those results. For example, if your client sells baby products online, with a 2% conversion rate, forecast their potential sales if they were to increase their organic traffic as a result of your work.
When you do the math on traffic and conversions with your clients, they naturally start to shift their views on your services from a cost to an investment, thus increasing your chances of winning the business.

4. Case studies

Nothing is more powerful in a proposal than relevant case studies that prove you know how to get results. As an SEO, your results are your greatest asset. So make sure you capture the beginning, the middle, and the end of your most successful campaigns then pick relevant examples to include in your proposal.

Download our free SEO
Proposal Template examples

We’ve worked with professional proofreaders and legal experts to design a simple proposal template for you to download, edit, save, and send to prospects. Our template is 100% free for you to use.
Click below to get a copy of our SEO proposal template
Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, absolutely! We provide an editable Word file with your free download.
The key to a winning proposal is making it relevant to your potential client. As every client has different needs, we suggest you modify our template to personalize your pitch.
Yes, we’ve included samples of both a proposal and a contract for your use.
The KPIs you choose to include in your proposal comes down to what KPIs are the most important to your client. If they want to improve site speed, then you may set metrics around loading times for specific pages.
Or, if they want to rank for a specific keyword, then you could set a KPI for the ranking over the keyphrase over time.
The point here is to work with your client and create a highly personalized proposal with your template as a base.
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SEO Proposal


Your company needs to have a strong digital presence in this digital world. The best way to achieve online success is by having a solid SEO strategy.
SEO can help you increase your organic traffic and get highly-qualified users to discover your website and learn about what you have to offer. With a good SEO strategy, your website can reach far more viewers for much longer than any ads of the same price could.
According to our research, the implementation of a good SEO strategy can help you increase organic page views and visits by up to 20% in just six months and even more with additional strategies.
If you have any questions or comments about this proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact me by responding to the email this proposal was attached to.

About Us

The Ranking Consultant Agency is a company dedicated to helping startups reach their targeted audience and increase their online visibility.
Started in 2012 by three friends, The Ranking Consultant Agency has grown to employ over 25 people on-site and across the world, which enables us to employ the best talent at competitive prices.
At The Ranking Consultant Agency, we assist start-ups through data-based decisions, starting with thorough research, establishing goals, and letting you know how much you can increase your visibility and how to increase and maintain your level of traffic.
Our company has helped over 100 brands increase their traffic exclusively through SEO, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Our Approach

At The Ranking Consultant Agency, we start our process by establishing where your company is at. This means looking into how your company is doing on SEO, like the amount of organic traffic you’re already getting, which keywords your website is currently ranking for, and which are your most important keywords overall.
We’ll also verify if there are any potential issues with your website that’s keeping you from ranking, and how to solve them. This will help us establish a baseline.
Establishing a baseline is extremely important because it lets us know where we are, and allows us to create realistic and achievable goals.
It also helps us discover any potential issues that might be preventing your company from achieving its goals. We can then solve these in order to start on a solid foundation.
Once we establish your baseline and your needs we will start developing your SEO strategy and supervise it to fruition.
Here’s what our auditing process looks like:
1. Laying the groundwork
We begin the process by using various tools to crawl your website. These tools let us collect the information we need to learn how well your website is currently ranking.
We also check your analytics to discover trends and patterns about your traffic and use the free Google Webmasters diagnostic tools.
Once we have collected all the data we need, we start the audit process.
2. Discovering your website’s accessibility
By using the data we’ve collected, we will learn how well search engines are currently able to crawl and access your website. We look for potential issues in your website’s metadata, sitemaps, site architecture, navigation, and framework.
This lets us know two things: how well search engines can access your website and how well search engines can understand your website.
Finally, we check your site’s performance—how fast it loads on a computer or smartphone.
3. Finding out your indexability
Once we make sure search engines can access and understand your website, we need to make sure they can index it too.
“Indexing” means search engines are including your website in their results when someone looks up relevant information.
This part is very simple to do. We search various queries on Google and Bing and find out how many of the pages from your website are included in the results.
If any pages can’t be accessed, we’ll offer solutions to help you index them.
4. On-page optimization
Once we’ve ensured your website is indexed and SEO-friendly, we dig into the rest of the factors that determine your ranking.
We consider factors such as:
  • URLs
  • Content
  • Duplicate Content
  • Keyword Cannibalism
  • HTML markup
  • Interlinking
These factors will help us find even more ways to improve your ranking.
5. Off-page optimization
When it comes to ranking, what’s not on your website is just as important as what is on it. Your website needs to have high-quality sites linking to it. These links, or backlinks, help determine your page authority.
Here, we review your website’s popularity compared to your competition, your backlinks and their sources, how trustworthy your website is, as well as your Page Authority and Domain Authority. Based on this analysis, we take action and start building links to your site through different tactics.
6. Competition analysis
Once we’ve reviewed everything there is to review about your website, we’ll also review three of your competitors’ websites and compare the results.
Finally, we determine the actions that need to be taken to increase your website’s ranking.


In reviewing your website, we’ll learn about any issues it may have. These can include the following:
Missing Alt Tags and Broken Images
Images must always be fully responsive since broken images are bad for SEO. However, since Google can’t see the images, it relies on alt tags to know what the image represents.
Alt tags help search engines understand what images are about and their relevance to the content.
Meta Descriptions Issues
Meta descriptions help users decide whether they should click on your website when they find it on a search engine. If your meta descriptions aren’t attractive enough, users may look elsewhere. The fewer clicks your website gets, the lower the search engine will rank it.
By providing relevant meta descriptions, you ensure users will click on your website and help your website rank higher.
Low Word Count
When it comes to SEO, there’s no minimum word count; however, words help search engines understand the purpose of a page.
And it’s not just about how many words are written either. Google in particular seems to prefer deep and valuable content, rather than fluff.
Your content should be as long as it needs to be to convey the right information, without any unnecessary repetition or rephrasing.
Broken Internal and External Links
Having broken links can be extremely damaging for your SEO. While a couple of broken links are usually not a big problem, the more your website contains, the less friendly it will appear to both users and search engines.
This is especially true of search engines because they don’t typically crawl your whole website at one time. So the more broken links you have, the more likely it is that a search engine won’t find the content it is looking for.

Objectives & Solutions

Based on the issues above, we can decide which path to take to fix any problems and help your website rank even higher.
Here are the proposed objectives and solutions for your website:
Improve meta descriptions
We need to ensure all pages have a proper meta description that’s both informative and relevant to the rest of the page.
To achieve this, we need to keep meta descriptions at a limit of 155 characters to ensure as much information is conveyed without anything getting cropped out.
We should also improve meta descriptions to make them sound actionable by making sure they all have a proper CTA. Finally, we need to ensure the meta descriptions include the most important keyword, all while matching the rest of the content.
Fix image issues
Next, we need to ensure your website’s images have the proper tags and are fully functional.
All alt tags should describe images using less than 125 characters. They should also use relevant keywords when possible.
Increase word count
Not all pages need to contain a lot of content. However, we need to ensure all pages have enough content to fully inform users and search engines of their purpose.
To achieve this, we need to find pages with content issues and improve the text in them without using any unnecessary words. The text should be easy to read, easy to scan, and to the point.
Fix broken links
We need to find every broken link. These broken links will be tracked on a spreadsheet.
We will then find the relevant active links to replace each of the broken links, which will also help with interlinking.
Create an SEO campaign
The final and most important step of this process is the creation of an SEO campaign. Our SEO team will build a framework so you can increase your rankings and organic traffic. This framework will increase new visitors and maintain regular visitors while giving you an edge over the competition.

Past Projects & Achievements

Here’s how we’ve helped other users in the past:
Case Study: Local Photographer
Jennifer Doe had had her photography studio for over three years, and in spite of her business being successful, she was struggling to obtain online traffic. Although her website was running, barely any users were visiting it.
Proposed Solution
We started by identifying the types of clients she wanted to target. Although many people visited her studio, she wanted to target more weddings and enable clients to find her online and have her shoot on location.
We audited her website, which had few but important issues. Once her website had been audited and fully optimized, we started performing competition research to find out which keywords users were using in their searches.
When we got the right keywords, we developed a plan to help users find her more easily: We optimized the content she already had with the right keywords, and we developed more content to target those keywords.
We rewrote 75% of her website content, so the content would be far more friendly and targeted. We then created a blog to target even more long-tail keywords and allow her to display more about her work and process.
Within the first month, she had already received 4 highly-qualified leads that ended up converting and purchasing wedding packages. By the end of the six months, she had received 55 queries from highly-qualified users who had found her page organically.
“I started without knowing anything about SEO. The Ranking Consulting Agency not only fixed everything that needed fixing but gave me the tools to keep up my website’s success.” Jeniffer Doe, professional photographer.

Pricing & ROI

Our pricing will depend on the amount of work your website needs and the goals you’re aiming for.
SEO audit: We’ll audit your website to see how well it is doing with all major search engines. We will then identify any issues, and help you fix them.
Price: $XXX
SEO Campaign Development: We’ll audit your website and fix any issues it may have. We will then use the knowledge gained from the audit to develop a sustainable campaign to further increase your organic traffic.
Price: $XXX
SEO Campaign Launch: We’ll audit your website and fix any SEO issues it may have. We will then develop a campaign and carry it on to fruition over six months. Once those six months have ended, we’ll repeat the process by completing another audit and developing another SEO campaign.
Price: $XXX

Project Timeline

If your company chooses The Ranking Consultant Agency to increase its organic traffic and develop an SEO campaign, the timeline will go as follows:
Initial Interview
During our initial interview, we talk with you to learn about any issues you’re encountering and what expectations you have from the process.
This lets us start on solid ground since we can focus on the issues you want to have fixed.
Time to completion: A couple of hours.
Phase Two: Immediate Website Improvement
Once we’ve shown you the immediate issues we need to solve on your website and have a written agreement in place, our team will start fixing them. This will involve such things as fixing broken links, adding tags, and developing interlinking and content schedules.
Time to completion: Five business days.
SEO Campaign Launch
When your website is fully optimized, we’ll launch the SEO campaign.
This campaign usually includes content development, interlinking efforts, backlinking efforts, and any other long-term solutions to help you rank for the desired keywords.
Time to completion: Three to six months.
SEO Campaign Management and Optimization
Once the campaign is over, we’ll audit the results of the campaign and audit your website once more. We’ll also perform a second competitor’s audit for comparison.
These audits will help us find more keywords and optimization opportunities. We will then translate those into actionable items for the next six months.
Time to completion: Six months.

Why You Should Work With Us

Your website doesn’t just need traffic, it needs qualified traffic. At The Ranking Consultant Agency, we understand that the best traffic is qualified traffic, and we optimize and develop all of our strategies with this in mind.
Here’s how we ensure this:
Bringing you traffic and helping it convert
Since we’re looking for qualified traffic, our success measurements also measure conversion, not just traffic.
We keep you updated on progress, and we let you know what users will be expecting to help you guide them to conversion.
Proven strategies for long-lasting SEO results
At The Ranking Consultant Agency, we don’t just improve your results only to let them die when search engines change their algorithms.
By using a multi-channel SEO approach, we ensure that we are safely and permanently increasing your website traffic.
Giving you the attention you need
We don’t accept every customer that shows up. Instead, we’re very careful about selecting our customers. We only select customers who have a lot of potential for measurable growth during the time of our audit and optimization processes.
This not only allows us to focus on those with a higher chance of success, but it also lets us give you the best attention needed. You will not only see results but fully understand the strategies that led to them

Terms of Agreement

This SEO Proposal (“Proposal”) is being made between [Customer Name] located at [Address] and [Company Name] on [Date]. [Customer Name] and [Company Name] may also be referred to as “Party” or together as the “Parties”.
Description of the Services:
[Customer Name] and [Company Name] will decide on the description of services before signing the contract, and [Customer Name] may update the scope of the services by filing a “Change Order” form and getting approval from [Company Name] to change this contract.
More services and changes may generate extra fees.
Costs and payment
Cost & Payment
Total cost of services:
Amount due at signing:
Amount due upon completion:
Preliminary SEO campaign planning completion date:
Review date:
Final review:
This final review must include written feedback on the proposed SEO campaign.
Intellectual Property
[Customer Name] will own all content [Company Name] will design, including meta descriptions, alt tags, visuals, written content, and any graphic art developed for it. [Company Name] isn’t required to keep copies of the content or fragments of it. [Customer Name] will not hold [Company Name] responsible for any third-party claims.
[Company name] will own any and all copyrightable work, ideas, products, inventions, and other information created in connection with the services being provided and will remain legal owners of them, not holding [customer name] responsible for any third-party claims.
[Company Name] will not share or disclose any confidential information belonging to [Customer Name] without written consent. This may include but is not limited to trade secrets, payment information, and any other information not publicly available.
The Parties will not assign responsibilities within this Agreement to anyone else unless both Parties show agreement to the assignment in writing.
Contract Termination
If [Customer Name] decides to terminate this contract, they may do so by providing a fifteen (15) day written notice and paying [Company Name] for all completed services.
If either Party fails to follow through with their responsibilities or obligations under this Agreement, the other Party can end this Agreement by giving a five (5) day written notice. This Agreement will automatically terminate if and when both Parties have performed all of their obligations under the Agreement and all payments have been made.
Please sign below to indicate acceptance of this agreement:
[Customer Name]
[Company Name]

Next Steps

If you want to start increasing your website’s traffic through SEO, here’s what you need to do:
  1. Review the proposal in its entirety.
  2. Sign the fields above.
  3. Wait for our emails with your invoice details and billing.

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Proposal Template and Layout

We’ve worked with professional proofreaders and legal experts to design a simple proposal template for you to download, edit, save, and send to prospects. Our template is 100% free for you to use.
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