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Best Digital Signature Software Compared (+ Buyer’s Guide)
Electronic Signatures

Best Digital Signature Software (Buyer’s Guide)

Will Cannon

Last updated on February 19, 2024

Signing and processing documents digitally saves you time, effort, and money. It allows you to streamline your document workflow, improving your organization’s operational efficiency. There are several ways to sign a document digitally; the best method is to use digital signature software. Here are the best digital signature software platforms for your business.

Don’t know much about the topic? Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about digital signature software, including:

  • What is digital signature software
  • The 10 best digital signature software compared
  • How to use free digital signature software
  • How to find digital signature software that fits your needs
  • What is the best digital signature software for Mac
  • The best free digital signature software for PDFs

Ready to learn more? Let’s go.

What Is Digital Signature Software?

A digital signature software is a web or app-based tool that lets individuals and businesses sign documents online. They provide a way to create a digital signature which can then be added to contracts and agreements.

An electronically signed document is legally binding, just like if it were signed in person with a pen. Digital signature tools allow organizations to streamline document workflows, leading to more efficient processes. Less time and money are spent signing forms.

Best Digital Signature Software (Compared for You)

Below, we’ve listed and compared 10 of the best digital signature software for your convenience.


Signaturely is a simple and effective electronic signature software created to help you upload documents and legally sign them online as fast as possible.

Signaturely is a digital signature software tool that helps businesses digitally sign documents. It has an easy-to-use interface which makes adding a digital signature to a contract effortless. It also allows you to request signatures for agreements with multiple contract parties.

Signaturely has several pros over other software options. For example, it has a free plan; this isn’t a universal offering among competitors. The tool is web-based, so any device or operating system can use it. The premium plans are also cheaper than competitors.

The only downside to Signaturely is that there’s currently no mobile app available. But don’t worry since it’s already under development.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign, an Adobe Document Cloud solution is a cloud-based, enterprise-class e-signature service

Adobe Sign is an online platform allowing users to sign documents electronically. It’s a cloud-based, enterprise-level document workflow solution for larger organizations. It’s considered a premium digital signature software in the market.

The eSignature tool has several pros, including integrating with the Adobe software family. It works as a mobile signing solution for both macOS and Android. The bulk signing features make it ideal for larger organizations, and the tracking and management capabilities are solid.

Despite being feature-rich and powerful, Adobe Sign is far more expensive than other options. Here are other Adobe Sign alternatives you can try.


DigiSigner is a cloud-based digital signature solution that caters to small businesses

DigiSigner is a web-based electronic signature tool that makes digitally signing documents easy for businesses. You can upload documents to a secure server to add digital signatures. These digital signatures can be either drawn or typed.

Not only can you add your eSignature, but you can request others’ signatures as well. This will come in handy for agreements that involve multiple contract parties. DigiSigner allows you to email these individuals, providing a link that sends them to the document.

All digital signatures made with DigiSigner are legally binding per all regulations. Any document processed with DigiSigner will be recognized in court. However, the menu is a little confusing and has a signature limit. The cost is a little expensive too.


signNow is a feature-rich eSignature application with bucket loads of functionality.

signNow is a feature-rich eSignature application with bucketloads of functionality. The tool has been around since 2011, providing a quality alternative for those looking for a digital signature software solution.

More specifically, signNow allows individuals to create digital signatures, which can be drawn or typed. These can then be added to uploaded documents. signNow can upload nearly any file format, such as PDF, Word, or JPEG/PNG.

What’s great about signNow is that it’s affordable and has great templates, solid API and integrations, and mobile apps. Team collaboration features are also robust, making it ideal for any size of business that wants to streamline its document workflow.

The search function isn’t great; it’s difficult to locate files. Keeping a record will be challenging for organizations that deal with a lot of documents. You also can’t send more than one email at a time.


DocuSign is an agreement management application that enables businesses to create, send, and automate a wide variety of forms and contracts and enables signees to sign documents electronically

DocuSign is a veteran in the digital signature software world, helping businesses streamline document workflows since 2003. Its platform makes creating digital signatures and adding them to documents simple.

DocuSign has mobile apps for Android, Windows, and iOS, so it’s easy to use with any device. This is an extensive, feature-rich product offering significant levels of customization. You can create specialized templates, which are available in premium plans.

The downside to DocuSign is its price. It is a premium digital signature software compared to competitors on the market. Most advanced features are only available for those with premium plans, making them more suitable for larger enterprises; therefore, here are some DocuSign alternatives you can consider.


HelloSign is an eSignature provider dedicated to simplifying the process of signing documents online.

HelloSign is an eSignature software application that makes signing and processing documents online effortless. This tool allows businesses to streamline their document workflows, saving time, effort, and money. 

Its security, SSL encryption, and secure server ensure your electronically signed documents are secure. You can request signatures, create useful templates, send reminders and notifications, and there’s also a mobile app available.

Although there is a free account, it’s very limited. You can only digitally sign three documents per month. You’ll need to purchase one of the paid plans to get more features and functionality.


eversign is a cloud-based digital signature solution that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industry verticals

Eversign is a digital eSignature software solution that allows you to sign documents electronically. Its powerful document editor enables you to create and add a digital signature to a document. All documents signed with eversign are considered legally binding. 

A free online signature creator can be used to type, draw, and upload your digital signature. The tool can be useful for several business-related purposes. 

Users of eversign have reported issues with the user experience, citing a lack of support. If you require custom branding for your company, eversign is an expensive option, requiring the priciest premium plan.


Right Signature is an Electronic Signature App

RightSignature is an eSignature app with robust built-in security features and superb management capabilities. The platform helps make document signing and processing easy. The tool was created in 2009 and bought by Citrix in 2014. 

With RightSignature, businesses can create digital signatures, sign documents, and request signatures from contract parties. RightSignature prioritizes simplicity over complicated advanced features compared to other digital signature software. 

RightSignature has some strengths: it’s easy to use, affordable, and it can be used by multiple devices. On the flip side, it also has some weaknesses. For example, the product lacks important features compared to its competitors on the market.


SignEasy is a digital signature solution designed to help businesses and organizations simplify the signing and authentication processes

Signeasy is a digital signature software tool that helps organizations streamline document workflows. Its simple drag-and-drop editor makes creating digital signatures and adding them to documents easy.

The tool provides some advantages, such as an API and a user-friendly interface. It can also be used on mobile devices, regardless of whether you use iOS or Android. Unfortunately, there’s no free plan, and the plans are expensive.


SignRequest is an easy-to-use, fully-secured signature software.

SignRequest is an eSignature software that simplifies the document signing process for organizations. With the tool, you can create legally binding digital signatures. These can be attached to documents, regardless of their file type: PDF, Word, or PNG/JPEG.

Advanced features allow you to send documents in bulk, track multiple documents, and integrate with CRMs. For example, you can use SignRequest with Salesforce to electronically sign documents.

SignRequest has a free plan offering up to 10 documents per month. The premium plans are relatively affordable, costing 7 euros for the professional plan and 12 euros for the business plan. The brand plants a tree for every new user they license.

This tool does have some drawbacks, such as a lack of contact organization. This might cause problems for larger businesses that have to deal with many clients and contract parties. The app isn’t very mobile-friendly either.

Can You Also Use Free Digital Signature Software?

Is it possible to use digital signature software for free? Absolutely. Several options on the market have free plans available; Signaturely is one such example.

Signaturely is a simple and effective electronic signature software created to help you upload documents and legally sign them online as fast as possible.

Signaturely is an eSignature app that makes signing documents online simple. With the tool, you can upload documents and add custom-made digital signatures. You can also send documents to contract parties to request their signatures.

The Signaturely free plan gives you the ability to sign unlimited documents. However, if you need others to sign, you’re limited to three “signature requests” per month. You also get access to other features, like an audit log, notifications and reminders, and integrations.

How to Find The Best Digital Signature Software That Fits Your Needs

Are you looking for a digital signature software solution but have specific needs? Each market tool has its unique set of offerings at differing pricing levels. Some offer features for free that others don’t. 

The best digital signature software for you will depend on what you need. Below, we’ve listed six features organizations look for in an eSignature app.

Custom Branding

Each business document you send to contract parties — such as partners or customers — represents your brand. Presenting yourself professionally is important; custom branding can help accomplish this.

Several digital signature tools offer custom branding, but it’s universally a “premium” feature. With custom branding, you can add a company logo to your documents. You’ll have to purchase a paid plan if your organization needs this feature. 


The primary benefit of signing documents online is to save time, which results in improved operational efficiency. Digital signature software tools facilitate this process, and templates are a specific feature that helps accomplish this.

Most, if not all eSignature apps have templates, but like custom branding, they’re generally only offered with paid plans.

Legal Validation

One of the biggest concerns many have with digital signature software is the legality of electronic signatures. Are they legally binding? Do they hold the same weight as handwritten signatures? Will they be recognized in court?

You’ll be pleased to know that all eSignature tools listed in this article create 100% legally binding digital signatures. This universal feature is free for all tools. Save a few that don’t offer a free plan.


If you’re a larger enterprise, your document workflow process probably involves a lot of collaboration. Not only with contract parties but with employees and different departments as well. It’s as much an external concern as it is an internal one.

Most digital signature applications offer team collaboration features, such as team-based permissions and document tracking. You can handle the entire life cycle of a document with these features.

Generally speaking, collaboration features are a paid plan offering. If your organization is larger and needs collaborative team features, you’ll need to purchase a premium plan.  


You might not need all the advanced features if your business is a smaller or medium-sized enterprise. If this is the case, you might prefer a simpler eSignature tool with an interface that’s easy to use.

Looking at all the digital signature software on the market, some are more complex, while others are simpler. Most will offer some form of a free plan that allows you to do the basics, like creating a digital signature and signing documents.

File Management

Bigger organizations usually involve bulk contracts and agreements. You frequently sign and process documents, requiring good file management from your eSignature solution.

Most digital software’s premium plans will offer a file management system. This organizes your document history, allowing you to keep track of the life cycle of a document. It also helps provide an audit trail of older processed documents.

FAQ on Digital Signature Software

Do you have any questions about digital signature software? Below, we’ve listed the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What’s the Best Digital Signature Software for Mac?

The best digital signature software for Mac is Signaturely; it can be used by all platforms, operating systems, and devices. To use Signaturely, all you need is an internet connection. It’s a web-based solution that can be used with any device and from anywhere.

What’s the Best Free Digital Signature Software for PDFs?

The best free digital signature software for PDF files is Signaturely. It’s free to use and only requires internet access. With the tool, you can create your digital signature — drawn or typed — and add it to a PDF document.

What Is Digital Signature Software?

Digital signature software is a web-based application to sign documents online electronically. Depending on your preference, you can use digital signature software to create a typed or drawn digital signature. You can then add this signature to contracts, forms, and agreements. With digital signature software, you can also request signatures from contract parties. This is typically done by sending a link through email. All documents signed with digital signature software are legally binding. Signaturely is one example of digital signature software.


Digital signature software tools provide a way for businesses to cut costs and improve operational efficiency. You will spend less time signing and processing documents with digital signature software. If your organization wants to streamline its document workflow, it should consider getting one.

In this article, we covered 10 of the best digital signature software. We also covered free options and explained how to find the ideal digital signature software for your specific needs. We hope the information has helped you.

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